Palaeopitus takes in '95s

by Scott Anthony | 5/9/94 5:00am

Palaeopitus, a group of senior leaders that advises the College President and Dean of the College, inducted its new members last night.

Kenric Tsethlikai '94, the organization's current chair, called new members "phenomenal."

Nine of the juniors have ex-officio positions: Dartmouth Outing Club President Amy Barnhorst, Editor in Chief of The Dartmouth Yvonne Chiu, next year's Presidential intern Hosea Harvey, Afro-American President-elect James Hunter, Class of 1995 President-elect Alyse Kornfeld, Student Assembly President-elect Danielle Moore, Interfraternity President Scott Swenson, Panhellenic Council President Melissa Trumbell and Claire Unis, an intern at the Dean of the College Office next year.

Other members, voted on by this year's group, are: Chris Carson, Candice Chao, David Gonzalez, Brian Greenberg, Natalie Herring, Candice Jimerson, Ann Marshall, Earl Plante, Rebecca Slisz and Ray Sosa.

Tsethlikai said issues the group discussed this year included the College's new hazing policy and the work of the Committee on the First-Year Experience. The group meets every week.

"It's a very broad range of seniors who can speak quite eloquently to the administration about pertinent issues on campus," former editor of The Dartmouth and Palaeopitus member David Herszenhorn '94 said.

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