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May 18, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

SA picks new members

The Student Assembly nominations committee granted 18 students membership on the Assembly last week.

The committee, co-chaired by seniors Matthew Berry and Mark Waterstraat, spent the last two weeks reviewing applications.

Students who wish to be Assembly members must attend three consecutive Assembly meetings and then submit an application to the nominations committee.

Once approved, students become full voting members of the Assembly.

Eleven freshmen were admitted to the Assembly. They are Ryan Boyle, Sara Clark, Meredith Epstein, Keren Estime, Najam Haider, John Honovich, William Kartalopoulos, Nina Nho, Jessica Roberts, Scott Rowekamp and Kevin Spurway.

Four sophomores, Brendan Doherty, David Gershenson, Kishan Putta and Jesse Russell, were also named Assembly representatives.

Mitch Jacobs and Tyrone Thomas were the only two seniors admitted to the Assembly. Brian Greenberg was the only junior.