Greeks receive service awards

by Rebecca Oettinger | 11/11/93 6:00am

The Office of Residential Life honored Greek houses for community service and other achievements Monday night at the eighth annual Co-ed, Fraternity and Sorority Award Ceremony.

Co-ed Fraternity Sorority Council President Mark Daly '94 and the CFSC executive committee helped ORL present five awards in areas such as leadership, scholarship, recycling and community service.

"This is done in recognition of good work which sometimes goes overlooked in co-ed, fraternity and sorority organizations," said Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco.

She said the awards presentation is "an opportunity to say thanks and congratulate students that have tried to lead organizations and address the College's hopes that these social organizations will support rather than confound the academic purpose of the College."

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the O'Connor Cup, which ORL awarded to Delta Delta Delta sorority for the house's outstanding achievement in the areas of leadership, scholarship and programming in 1993.

The award was presented by Hanover Police Officer Christopher O'Connor in memory of his father Proctor John O'Connor. Officer O'Connor called his father "the students' best friend."

"The theme for the evening was leadership," said Dean of Students Lee Pelton. "And it was an opportunity for the College to recognize the leaders involved in various campus issues."

Deb Reinders, the assistant dean of residential life, spoke on the leadership of some Greek system members. She gave credit to student leaders, saying, "It's not easy to be out there on the front line trying to change students' behaviors."

Tri-Delt won the $275 O'Connor award because of the number of leadership positions its members hold on campus and the number of members whose academic achievement has been exceptional.

Sigma Delta sorority won $150 for second place in O'Connor Cup selection.

Alpha Theta co-ed house and Delta Gamma sorority were chosen by Dartmouth Recycles!, the College's recycling program, for their recycling efforts.

Community service awards were presented to Sigma Delt and Tri-Delt for having the largest number of service projects. Each recorded more than 55 community service projects. Gamma Delta Chi fraternity was also recognized.

The community service award is based on reports written by each house detailing their philanthropic efforts over the past year.

Sigma Delt was lauded for organizing a five-kilometer charity run, helping with the women's information center and providing child care for teenage mothers trying to get an education.

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Tri-Delt worked extensively with a local understaffed elementary school organizing events such as a field day and a performance by the Dartmouth Aires.

Gamma Delta Chi organized the Jimmy Valvano Memorial basketball tournament.

Academic awards are measured by the number of Phi Beta Kappas, Rufus Choate Scholars and Level Two and Three Scholars in each house.

Winners included Tri-Delt, Sigma Delt and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for the highest number of overall scholars and Kappa Chi Kappa, Zeta Psi and Sigma Nu fraternities for having the highest percentage of scholars among their members.

The Minimum Standards Excellence Award was presented to Delta Gamma sorority for having the highest point total after all the houses were evaluated on leadership, budget, behavior, programming, membership and physical attractiveness of the house.

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