Environmental Studies finds permanent spot

by Jason Casell | 11/11/93 6:00am

After three years in temporary facilities, the environmental studies department has moved from the Murdough Center to the Steele building.

The department moved into Steele in June after renovations to the building were completed.

"The finishing touches for the move were last Friday," said Anita Brown, the academic assistant for the environmental studies department. "Pictures from the environmental studies program in Kenya were put up."

The environmental studies department had been located in the Murdough Center for the past three years. The department was forced to move from the Nathan Smith building in 1990, before Smith was demolished.

The renovations to Steele began last winter and were completed this fall.

"We undertook a moderately complete renovation to Steele with a total budget of about a million dollars," said Gordie DeWitt, director of facilities planning for the College.

"It was a general renovation of the spaces vacated by the chemistry department," DeWitt said.

The environmental studies department will occupy the most floor space of any department in Steele.

Other facilities in Steele include a physics laser lab and a few other undergraduate labs.

Burke Hall was constructed in Smith's former space to house the chemistry department, which had been located in Steele.

"We have more space than before and the faculty are closer to their labs," Brown said.

The environmental studies laboratories are located in Fairchild, which is adjacent to Steele. The Murdough Center is near the Tuck and Thayer schools, further from the department's former offices.

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