Time to say farewell

by Amiri Barksdale | 10/22/93 6:00am

I'm saying goodbye-

That's right- so long!

I've been writing these damn columns too long.

It's time to move on now,

Temporarily at least..

I will find better tasks

Upon which to release

The profound genius

That resides within

My skull's filled with ideas!

There's no way I can fail with them

For twelve weeks now,

I wrote and wrote.

Trying to inspire thought and hope-

Hope of glory and hope of praise

Is what with I wrote across the days

Invalid it is

To go for miles

Hoping to move the rank and file...

In tune to my sarcastic style?

Never is such a task worthwhile.

Cries of arrogance and disrespect

Violations that can't be checked.

All this I tire of- yes, all this and more.

The main thing is simple-

The thoughts you ignore!

In searching for basis for rapport,

I've seen it clearly more and more:

One woman said, "Leave! you won't be missed..."

I thought to myself, "B----, my a-s you can kiss."

Unfortunately, I didn't say it out loud-

The rudeness might have frightened the crowd.

But even then, as once said a friend,

"Fear is the thing which puts to an end

All the conflict and dissension within

The rank and file, with whom you contend."

Well, okay. But for now I'll just say

"Goodbye," for I simply can't stay.

Back to the drawing board-

Back to square one.

I'll begin again,

Starting with #1!

To all you other writers,

I suggest the same.

If you have any sense

You know reading's not the game.

At least here it's not-

This I know for sure.

So go back to you rooms

And play Nintendo some more.

Like I said up above

It's time that I go.

Amiri's Audi 5000,

So act like you know.