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May 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Senior class promises $93,253 gift

The Class of 1993 has pledged to donate $93,253.65 to the College over the next four years as part of the Senior Class Gift Program, the largest amount ever promised by a graduating class.

For the first time, seniors were asked to give a certain amount to the College over a four-year period. Previously, seniors were asked for a one-time contribution.

The fundraising effort was coordinated by the Alumni Fund and the Senior Class Gift Program.

Despite the record-breaking amount, only 58 percent of the senior class pledged for one year and 51 percent agreed to donate for the following three years, according to a press release.

"We did really well numbers-wise -- the amount of money raised -- but we didn't do as well percentage wise," said Senior Class Vice President Bridget Eng, who was recently elected president of the '93 alumni class council.

"It seemed to be that some people weren't solicited," Eng said. "I know some of my friends weren't."

Alumni Fund Intern Matt McGinnes '93, who will become the co-head representative to the Alumni Fund after graduation, said some people "slipped through" because some representatives did not feel comfortable calling people they did not know.

Paul Biondi '92, the acting associate director of the alumni fund, said the fund set a goal of 60 percent participation per year. This year 59 percent offered to donate, seven percent below average for first-year donations.

McGinnes said Alumni Fund representatives are currently working on contacting students who were not yet solicited.

"We'll try hard to get those who did not pledge money this time around into the program," he said.

Despite the low percentage of seniors who donated, Eng said she was happy with the results.

"We donated a record amount of money. That's something in itself," she said.

McGinnes said he thought the new four-year pledge system is "great."

"If it works as it is supposed to, we'll be way ahead of past classes," he said. "It helps us to tell who wants to participate."

The amount pledged over four years by the Class of 1993 is approximately $10,000 more than the amount given by the Class of 1985 over its four years after graduation, and $25,000 more than the Class of 1987 gave over four years.

Seniors Kirsten Ames, Angus King and Shelby Meyercord also helped coordinate the drive.