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(02/12/10 4:00am)

While layoffs for hourly workers received widespread attention prior to the announcement of budget cuts, the effect of cuts at the upper levels of the administration was rarely discussed. Protesters, instead, pointed to the confines of Parkhurst for further reductions, but on Thursday, acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears announced a plan for consolidating her office that will most likely eliminate a number of dean-level administrators ("Spears initiates structural changes," Feb. 12). Among others, the College will likely lose Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman to layoffs and assistant Dean of Residential Life and director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies Deborah Carney to retirement ("Redman, Carney plan to leave College posts," Feb. 12). The departures follow the announcement that Associate Director of Coed, Fraternities and Sororities Fouad Saleet will leave for Colgate University, causing all of the direct oversight of Greek life to quickly evaporate. The absence of leadership, coupled with a nebulous plan for replacement, results in a troubling lack of institutional memory during what already was a period of transition for Webster Avenue.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Drink Free or Die

(02/05/10 4:00am)

The Hanover Police Department policy to deploy undercover operatives to Greek houses in order to combat underage drinking ("Stricter alcohol plans outrage Greek orgs.," Feb. 5) represents a startling and troubling lack of perspective on the part of Hanover Police. College President Jim Yong Kim acknowledged a well-known truth last July when he said underage drinking is a reality on college campuses ("Kim addresses Greek life, alcohol policy," Jul. 1), and responsible consumption should be emphasized. The Hanover Police Department may have a legal right to investigate such violations of state laws, but this measure will have a crippling effect on the openness of the Dartmouth social scene and potentially disastrous repercussions for student health on campus, both points that have students across campus vehemently speaking out against the policy.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Defining the Experience

(01/29/10 4:00am)

The oft-cited "Dartmouth Experience" undoubtedly means something different to each member of the College community. When the endowment is doubling, any differences in personal values can conveniently be swept under the rug. Only after losses to the endowment when jobs are threatened and budget cuts debated must we seriously consider how these values define the College. Before we make cuts, we must prioritize what is essential to the Dartmouth experience. Until we do this, all budget cut conversations will be overshadowed by the larger debate on the College's core purpose.

The 1891 2010 Agreement

(01/22/10 4:00am)

The Grafton County Superior Court's decision to dismiss the second alumni lawsuit against the Board of Trustees on Tuesday ("Second alumni suit dismissed by court," Jan. 21) likely ended the prospect of a judicial resolution to the debate on preserving parity between alumni-elected and Board-selected trustees. Judge Timothy Vaughan's dismissal was predicated on specific procedural grounds, however, and did not offer much analysis of the parity issue that was central to the case.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: A(nother) Stalled Initiative

(01/15/10 4:00am)

The College's decision to postpone the implementation of the Organizational Adjudication Committee's student board ("Implementation of OAC student board postponed," Jan 13) was abruptly announced Tuesday following months of preparation and support from the student body. The reasons cited for delaying the board's first training session ranged from budget cuts to the Phi Delta Alpha fire and ultimately raised more questions than they answered.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Campaign Dollars and Sense

(01/08/10 4:00am)

The completion of the Capital Campaign ("Dartmouth completes $1.3 billion campaign," Jan. 8) signals that despite the recent recession, donors are still enthusiastically supporting the College. The name attached to the fundraising effort "Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience" expresses precisely why we believe donations have not ceased in this economic climate. Alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff understand that their investment will maintain the high standards of excellence at the College, and ensure that future generations will have as positive an experience as those that came before them.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Constructive Consolidation

(11/20/09 4:00am)

College President Jim Yong Kim will never be accused of sitting idle during his first five months in office Parkhurst Hall has undergone significant restructuring under his watch, much of it long overdue. While we have been apprehensive about some of the change mostly notably the unusual timing of former Provost Barry Scherr's decision to step down earlier this fall these rearrangements have represented significant steps toward addressing inefficiencies and redundancies that have plagued the College's central administration for years. Many of these inefficiencies were enumerated in a McKinsey and Company review of the College conducted four years ago.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Accurately Adjudicating

(11/06/09 4:00am)

Last winter, after a series of clashes between Greek houses and the administration, voices across campus called for reform of the College's organizational adjudication process ("Five Greek Orgs. May Be Placed on Probation," Jan. 30). In the spring, the Organizational Adjudication Committee review commission proposed changes to the committee's structure including the formation of a student board to oversee cases in which organizations had allegedly committed minor infractions ("SA endorses OAC reform proposal," May 27).

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Accommodating Change

(10/30/09 3:00am)

Last May, a group of Dartmouth students, frustrated with the College's Student Accessibility Services Office, presented a report to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity advising that revisions be made to the College's accessibility policy ("Accessibility Services lacking, students say," June 2). These students argued in favor of increasing funding for Accessibility Services and improving guidelines for professors on how to best accommodate students. Their goal was to ensure that students with disabilities were granted equal access to all facets of the Dartmouth experience.


(10/09/09 2:00am)

This week, College President Jim Yong Kim unexpectedly announced that Provost Barry Scherr would be stepping down after more than eight years as Dartmouth's chief academic officer ("Scherr to Step Down as Provost," Oct. 5). The announcement of Scherr's retirement as provost comes after a series of rapid resignations and departures by high-level officials in the Kim administration, including former Dean of the College Tom Crady and former Dean of Undergraduate Students Rovana Popoff.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Adjusting Adjudication

(05/29/09 2:00am)

The reforms proposed by the Organizational Adjudication Committee Review Commission represent a positive step toward more consistent and just treatment of student organizations ("SA endorses OAC reform proposal," May 27). Whereas, under the current system, all but the most serious cases are often heard by a single dean, the commission's proposal calls for students to take the lead in making decisions in all cases thus allowing for true peer adjudication, fairness and, ideally, transparency.

Let's Put it to a Vote

(05/22/09 6:06am)

Last June, the College's Board of Trustees voted to "freeze" its membership until the Association of Alumni's lawsuit against the College had been resolved. Over a year has passed, however, and the freeze remains in place. As a result of the Board's decision, trustee elections, which were scheduled to take place this spring, were postponed indefinitely, and the two-term limits of alumni-elected Trustee Michael Chu '68 and Board-selected Trustee Russell Carson '65 -- both of whom were slated to finish their final terms in June 2009 -- have been indefinitely extended. In addition, the Board put off the reelection of several first-term trustees.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Drinking the Kool-Aid

(05/08/09 6:36am)

The recent announcements from College Health Services that seven students "suspected" to have swine flu have tested negative for the virus ("Four more students test negative for flu," May 6), and that the H1N1 virus is no more serious than normal influenza, have left members of the Dartmouth community doing a double take. What looked at first like an impending catastrophe -- with the World Health Organization announcing an unprecedented phase five pandemic alert, and the U.S. government declaring "a public health emergency" -- has now been reduced to little more than an inconvenience.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Two Steps Forward...

(05/01/09 7:15am)

This week, New Hampshire took a major step forward in the struggle to establish equal rights for all. On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Senate voted 13-11 to legalize same-sex marriage ("N.H. Senate votes to legalize same-sex marriage," April 29), after making two notable modifications to the bill, a version of which had been approved by the New Hampshire House of Representatives in March ("N.H. House approves same-sex marriages," March 30). Assuming no interference from Gov. John Lynch, D-N.H., the bill will become law, making New Hampshire the fifth state in the country to legalize gay marriage.

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