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Verbum Ultimum: Media Matters

(05/01/14 11:03pm)

Important events and conversations take place on campus every day, and our responsibility as a news organization is to report them accurately, preserving them in the College’s history and sharing them with the broader public. Yet since we began as editors of the paper, we feel we have failed to do this job as best we can. Countless times we have found event organizers unwilling to allow a reporter the same access that other citizens receive, and we find this lack of accountability disturbing.

Verbum Ultimum: Busting the Myth

(04/24/14 10:50pm)

When hundreds of potential members of the Class of 2018 arrived at the College this week, they went to events advertising the D-Plan, attended classes and saw the annual Dimensions show — this time, uninterrupted. Each of these events purported to give the prospective students access to various “dimensions of Dartmouth,” or windows into the Dartmouth experience.

Verbum Ultimum: Recruit and Retain

(04/17/14 10:58pm)

From casual conversations during office hours to funded lunch dates in town, from the Presidential Scholars program to other undergraduate research partnerships, a robust culture of student-professor interaction thrives at Dartmouth. At a college that has ranked number one in undergraduate teaching for the past five years, our faculty play a significant role as mentors to many undergraduates. We hope this never changes.

Verbum Ultimum: An Accessible Option

(01/31/14 12:52am)

This week, investigators from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights visited campus as part of a Title IX investigation into the College’s campus climate surrounding sexual assault. Unlike other campuses’ Title IX investigations, this was initiated by the Department of Education. The visit follows a spring 2013 Clery Act complaint in which students and alumni alleged violations related to sexual assault, LGBTQ discrimination and hate crimes.

Verbum Ultimum: An Ill-Advised Initiative

(01/24/14 1:29am)

Yesterday, the College announced its decision to join edX, a nonprofit online platform that was founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. EdX offers free massive online open courses, or MOOCs, to anyone with a computer and the desire to learn. We understand the potential benefits of these online courses — particularly in expanding access to educational opportunities — but we are skeptical of Dartmouth’s decision to offer MOOCs.

Verbum Ultimum: An Honorable Abstention

(01/17/14 3:01am)

Last week, five executive members of the Panhellenic Council announced their decision to abstain from winter recruitment, citing a desire to amend socioeconomic and racial inequities in the sorority rush process. The abstaining Panhell executives’ criticisms of the Greek system are not new, but the method by which they have chosen to express themselves, and the reaction their announcement has engendered, indicate a meaningful shift in campus culture. We are hopeful that this act of protest will push students to demand comprehensive and effective reform.

Verbum Ultimum: Honoring the Humanities

(01/10/14 2:07am)

Yesterday the College announced that Carolyn Dever, dean of Vanderbilt University’s College of Arts and Science, would serve as its new provost, citing her expertise in the humanities. Dever is a professor in English and women’s and gender studies, and the decision to place her at the helm publicly reaffirms the College’s commitment to the humanities.

Verbum Ultimum: Searching for Substance

(11/18/13 6:56pm)

On Monday afternoon, College President Phil Hanlon spoke to the faculty regarding student life. His speech focused on residential life and student safety. While Hanlon articulated some good points, many of his statements, especially those pertaining to residential life, lacked specifics. We are left eagerly anticipating more discussion of these ideas in the coming months.

Verbum Ultimum: Academically Focused

(10/31/13 11:26pm)

Despite much recent discussion of social and residential life, Dartmouth’s primary mission is academic. As such, academics should be at the heart of President Phil Hanlon’s agenda over the coming months and years. Dartmouth’s core mission is about close faculty and student interaction, a focus on the liberal arts and a community that is engaged with the issues of the world. Experiential learning, interdisciplinary learning and practical skills such as entrepreneurship may stem from this mission, but they are not the mission. If Hanlon wants to enact true change that will allow Dartmouth to prosper, then we have three suggestions.

Verbum Ultimum: Leadership and Service

(10/25/13 2:00am)

The search for the next dean of the Tucker Foundation has stalled, pending recommendations by a task force on the foundation's mission, structure and leadership. We would like to raise concerns about the transparency and purpose of this process. While we are enthusiastic that President Phil Hanlon is pushing Tucker to define its goals and missions in light of revoking the Right Rev. James Tengatenga's appointment over the summer, we advise caution. We hope that the task force will more actively consider student input, reflect on how Tucker makes the College better as an institution of higher education and combine these insights into a coherent search profile.

Verbum Ultimum: Breathing Room for Housing

(10/18/13 2:00am)

With winter housing applications for upperclassmen due next Tuesday, we are reminded again of the challenges associated with Dartmouth's residential life. Beyond the wide variance in dorm quality, the biggest complaint associated with campus housing is the constant reshuffling mandated by the D-Plan. Yet it is difficult to improve housing stock, much less permit dorm continuity, given the pressure put on the housing system by undergraduate enrollment during fall term and, to a lesser extent, during spring term. To create breathing room for potentially substantial changes to the College's residences, the administration should consider ways to more evenly distribute students across fall, winter and spring terms. Specifically, it should give funding preferences to new foreign study programs that will be held during fall and shift some existing programs to the fall from the winter and spring.