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Verbum Ultimum: Open to Change

(11/07/14 1:38am)

On Monday, the faculty of arts and sciences voted to open course reviews to students during course election period. We commend professors for taking this step, and we look forward to choosing our classes with more information. The long-overdue measure should better inform student choices and incentivize both more effective teaching from professors and more thoughtful evaluations from students.

Verbum Ultimum: Head to the Polls

(10/30/14 11:28pm)

It’s a tale as old as time: young people don’t vote. For a variety of reasons, voters from age 18 to 29 have had a low turnout since the 26th Amendment’s ratification in the early 1970s. Though the share of the youth vote increased for the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, we must remain vigilant: a recent Harvard Institute of Politics poll found that roughly 75 percent of young people do not plan to vote in the upcoming midterm elections on Nov. 4. We must fight that apathy, and more importantly, do so with knowledge and vision.

Verbum Ultimum: Pushing for Partnership

(10/09/14 10:38pm)

Last week, the College announced a task force that aims to create a cohesive administrative structure for the graduate studies program. As these plans take shape, we encourage Dartmouth to craft and boost programming to tie graduate students closer to the institution as a whole. Administrative silos should not lead to social barriers, and we think the College would do well to work toward an overarching intellectual community — one comprised of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty, a continuum of academics.

Verbum Ultimum: Pledging to Change

(09/25/14 9:36pm)

The time has passed for symbolic gestures. On Sunday, the Interfraternity Council announced the formal end of the traditional pledge term. While we commend this move to address hazing, one of the biggest perceived problems of the fraternity system, we urge the presidential steering committee to assume that no meaningful change results from the announcement when the committee recommends further reform. With no means to enforce the proclamation, and no added incentive for new or older members to stop hazing, announcing the abolition of pledge term is not an all-encompassing solution.

Verbum Ultimum: When the Fanfare Fades

(09/19/14 12:46am)

In a May 6 job posting for a director, the Center for Community Action and Prevention is described as a “critical element of the College’s commitment to preventing and addressing sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence.” Announced in February, the center was slated to open July 1, before its inauguration was pushed back to this fall. Now it has been abandoned altogether.

Verbum Ultimum: The Reason We’re Here

(05/22/14 11:05pm)

With all this talk about the College’s hijacked social scene, administrators have been sidetracked. Though high-risk student behavior undoubtedly merits senior-level attention, the College must also revitalize its academic vision. Yes, we are unbeaten in undergraduate teaching, but students must build academic expertise within the fast-moving D-Plan. We recommend that, upon arrival, incoming Provost Carolyn Dever propose requiring thesis projects for all seniors.

Verbum Ultimum: Upholding Standards

(05/15/14 11:17pm)

It’s not a coincidence that a lawyer defending Parker Gilbert ’16 dismissed the circumstances of the case as “drunken, awkward college sex” (our emphasis). Most view college as a time for experimentation — a period that exists in a vacuum, somehow outside of the real world. Drinking and partying are the norm — ambiguous, questionable and downright traumatizing sexual encounters are far too common. But why must drinking necessarily open the door for brutality, abuse or disrespect? We claim that no one condones sexual assault, but what do we condone?

Verbum Ultimum: A Time to Lead

(05/08/14 9:45pm)

Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson will leave Hanover at the end of this academic year, and Dartmouth must find a new leader of student affairs. The time for change at Dartmouth is now. With the College’s social climate at the forefront of campus and national attention, we cannot wait on yearlong search committees — College President Phil Hanlon must fill this position permanently by November.

Verbum Ultimum: Media Matters

(05/01/14 11:03pm)

Important events and conversations take place on campus every day, and our responsibility as a news organization is to report them accurately, preserving them in the College’s history and sharing them with the broader public. Yet since we began as editors of the paper, we feel we have failed to do this job as best we can. Countless times we have found event organizers unwilling to allow a reporter the same access that other citizens receive, and we find this lack of accountability disturbing.

Verbum Ultimum: Busting the Myth

(04/24/14 10:50pm)

When hundreds of potential members of the Class of 2018 arrived at the College this week, they went to events advertising the D-Plan, attended classes and saw the annual Dimensions show — this time, uninterrupted. Each of these events purported to give the prospective students access to various “dimensions of Dartmouth,” or windows into the Dartmouth experience.

Verbum Ultimum: Recruit and Retain

(04/17/14 10:58pm)

From casual conversations during office hours to funded lunch dates in town, from the Presidential Scholars program to other undergraduate research partnerships, a robust culture of student-professor interaction thrives at Dartmouth. At a college that has ranked number one in undergraduate teaching for the past five years, our faculty play a significant role as mentors to many undergraduates. We hope this never changes.

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