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V-February focuses on "visibility" this year

(02/12/19 8:15am)

Debuted at Dartmouth in 1998, the play “the Vagina Monologues” inspired and started the V-February campaign, stemming from the global V-Day movement that aims to promote gender equity and end gender-based violence. However, over its 21 years, the campaign has evolved to feature more events and reflect different initiatives. This year, V-Feb focuses on “visibility” as its theme to increase the campaign’s inclusiveness, according to co-chair of the V-Feb committee Sara Cho ’20.

Dartmouth welcomes first woman to publish English translation of "Odyssey"

(01/28/19 2:42pm)

Students reading the new translation of Homer’s "Odyssey" in their Humanities 2, "The Modern Labyrinth" course had the rare opportunity of meeting the translator in real life when University of Pennsylvania classics professor Emily Wilson came to Dartmouth last Thursday. As this year’s annual Hoffman lecturer, Wilson shared her experience as the first woman to publish a translation of Homer’s "Odyssey" into English, both during a public lecture and with students in several classes.

Imposter syndrome may be just as likely to affect men

(01/14/19 8:00am)

Many students at Dartmouth may have experienced a fear of inadequacy after their admission to the College — a fear that their accomplishments are the result of serendipity rather than actual ability. It turns out that men are just as likely as women to experience imposter syndrome, according to a recent article published in Inside Higher Ed by associate dean of students and admissions at the Geisel School of Medicine Roshini Pinto-Powell. Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern whereby an individual doubts their accomplishments and fears being exposed as a fraud.

Undergraduate deans office sent 12,000 emails in error congratulating students on citations

(01/07/19 8:00am)

Shortly before Christmas, the “Dartmouth Memes For Cold AF Teens” Facebook group started to buzz with memes about receiving three citations for the fall term. Such animation came from a series of emails sent by the undergraduate deans office on Dec. 20, originally congratulating students for receiving citations, but later asking students to disregard the congratulatory emails.

Becca Heller '05 named as 2018 MacArthur Fellow

(10/11/18 6:50am)

Becca Heller ’05 has been named a 2018 MacArthur Fellow for her work defending the rights of refugees and other at-risk populations.  As director and co-founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project, Heller explores creative ways to provide legal representation to refugees and displaced people and help them reach safety. According to the organization’s website, the project is built on a model of partnering law students with pro bono lawyers, which maximizes the usage of student or volunteer resources and minimizes business costs.

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