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Abdur-Rahim '04 and Furey '04 compete in Olympic trials

(07/13/04 9:00am)

Decathlete Mustafa Abdur-Rahim '04 and javelin thrower Sean Furey '04 have known for a while that they will be competing in the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. And for a while, it was just another meet in their minds. But that all changed when they turned on the television last Friday and watched the first night of competition.

Hanks makes waiting delightful in 'The Terminal'

(06/24/04 9:00am)

Much of the success of last year's critical darling "Lost in Translation" hinged on a great American comic actor playing the role of a man completely lost in a strange world he doesn't understand and playing that role with just the right mixture of pathos and silliness. That description fits "The Terminal" equally well, with Tom Hanks in the pivotal role instead of Bill Murray. But instead of setting the story in an "exotic" land like Tokyo, Japan, director Steven Spielberg and company have put American audiences on the other side of the two-way mirror and spin their yarn against the backdrop of JFK International Airport.

Byrne's performance in Paris is a 'once in a lifetime' experience

(05/10/04 9:00am)

PARIS May 5 -- In 1977, the soon-to-be-legendary quartet Talking Heads appeared at Le Bataclan opening for The Ramones on their first European tour. That night, a gawky, awkward man-child with his black hair parted to one side, strained his upper register while singing, "Mommy, Daddy, come and look at me now/I'm a big man in a great big town."

Pundits Begala and Carlson offer primary insight

(01/27/04 11:00am)

In a political world where it's hard to say where anybody stands on anything, one can always count on pundits Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala to tell people -- and each other -- exactly what they think. Every weekday on CNN's "Crossfire," the two come bounding from their left and right corners and duke it out on the top issues of the day. After broadcasting from the Top of the Hop Monday, they spoke to The Dartmouth.

Weinberg drums up support for Kerry in Hanover

(01/26/04 11:00am)

Most senior members of a successful organization are known to their bosses by titles like "executive vice president," "assistant general manager" or "deputy to the chairman." Max Weinberg's boss, "The Boss," calls him by the name of "Minister of the Big Beat and Star of Late Night Telly-vision, The Mighty, Mighty Max Weinberg!" Of course, when he's not on the road with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, he has another boss: late night television host Conan O'Brien.

Frisell reaches millions of ears with just six strings

(01/15/04 11:00am)

He hasn't been on any magazine's Top 100 Guitarists, but for decades, his guitar has been ever-present in rock and pop music. Playing with everyone from Marianne Faithfull to Norah Jones, Frisell has added his own personal touch to many great records. He is also a bona fide solo artist. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, he traveled to Europe, where his focus shifted to his own composition. Since then, he has explored innumerable genres of music throughout his career. Frisell will be foraying into jazz Friday night when his Bill Frisell Trio shares the bill with the Brad Mehldau Trio at the Hopkins Center.

"Let It Be...Naked" rearranges classic Beatles album

(01/06/04 11:00am)

Ever since its initial release in 1970, "Let It Be" has been something of a bastard stepchild in the context of the rest of the Beatles catalogue. In spite of being made up of some of The Beatles' best songs like the title track and "Across the Universe," its broken origins and abandonment by its creators made it illegitimate in the minds of many critics and fans.

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