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Beyond Class Shopping: Craft Shops at Dartmouth

(10/25/17 6:15am)

The ability to create is a skill that Dartmouth students know very well: On a daily basis, we create everything from a sequence of code to a complex algorithm. We spend so much time creating intangibles, however, that we are rarely able to actually see the physical manifestations of our work. The student workshops located in the Hopkins Center for the Arts are one of the only places on campus where students get to hold in their hands the objects of their creation.

Bus Stop Dispatches: A Look Inside the Dartmouth Coach

(10/11/17 6:15am)

Seven hours and 55 minutes: that’s how long it takes me to get from my house in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado all the way to my dorm in Hanover, New Hampshire. My friends from home are always appalled when I tell them that, and they haven’t even heard how long it takes to get here from Los Angeles or Seattle. The idea of taking not only a four hour flight, but also a three hour bus ride — just to get to school — is unfathomable to them.

The Gaslight Tinkers to perform at Skinny Pancake tomorrow

(05/12/17 4:00am)

Tomorrow, Hanover’s Skinny Pancake will host The Gaslight Tinkers, a popular world music group. With performances influenced by Caribbean, Latin, Celtic, Americana, reggae and funk sounds, The Gaslight Tinkers has headlined several major clubs, dances and festivals, and it combines upbeat, danceable music with traditional fiddle tunes to further increase its accessibility.

Wind ensemble to perform spring concert tomorrow evening

(05/05/17 4:00am)

Saturday night’s Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble concert is the final installment in its three-part series celebrating the history of wind ensembles and the evolution of the wind band as an independent performance medium. The group will perform the music of contemporary composers, tracing the evolution of the wind band through works written in 1943 to those written in 2015.

Luso-Hispanic Film Festival exposes students to language, culture

(04/28/17 4:00am)

Learning a language at Dartmouth has always been experiential, but this month, the third annual Luso-Hispanic Film Festival is expanding the academic boundaries of the concept of experiential learning at the College to encompass the renowned cinema of Latin America. Featuring screenings of five acclaimed Latin American films, this festival appeals not only to students of the Spanish and Portuguese department but also to various members of the Dartmouth community who are interested in experiencing the incredible artwork of other cultures.

Keysi Montás balances career with love for writing and art

(03/07/17 6:55am)

By day, Keiselim “Keysi” Montás is the associate director of Safety and Security. However, outside of his duties as a public safety officer, Montás enjoys carpentry, tango dancing and writing Spanish poetry and fiction. Montás has been recognized by the Dominican Republic, where he grew up, for his contributions to Spanish literature. He has published four books of poems and short stories, the most recent of which is currently displayed in King Arthur Flour in Baker-Berry Library.

Book review: “Fake Plastic Love” by Kimberley Tait ’01

(03/03/17 6:35am)

A strong depiction of the life of two Dartmouth graduates, soon-to-be-published novel “Fake Plastic Love” by Kimberley Tait ’01 is a read that will appeal not just to college students but also to anyone with a deep nostalgia for the past in the face of an extremely digitized future. Tait’s novel tells the story of two close friends: the narrator M., a no-nonsense investment banker who believes in the value of hard work and stability, and Belle, a whimsical lifestyle blogger who believes in the power of dreams and love. M. and Belle’s friendship is one of the story’s strongest points because Tait does a great job depicting the undercurrent of youth that draws the two characters together despite their differences.

Student Spotlight on Alex Lopez ’15, political activist and writer

(02/21/17 5:00am)

Everyone at Dartmouth excels at something, but it is rare to find a student who manages to surpass expectations in countless different fields. While choosing to major in English with a concentration in creative writing, Alex Lopez ’15 has expanded his time at Dartmouth beyond the traditional academic bounds, pursuing coursework and internships in the fields of sustainability, finance, politics and numerous other areas.

Christian a cappella group X.ado to host Winter WhingDing

(02/09/17 5:00am)

Each year, Winter WhingDing brings an element of musical excellence to a Winter Carnival that is already filled with entertainment. One of three major a cappella performances held each year, this year’s Winter WhingDing is hosted by X.ado, a co-ed Christian a cappella group. Hosting responsibilities for Winter WhingDing — and its fall and spring counterparts — rotate through all of the a cappella groups on campus, and this year it is X.ado’s turn to take center stage. In addition to performing as an a cappella group, X.ado is also a ministry on campus and is known for singing songs from a variety of genres, including gospel, contemporary pop, Christian rock and traditional hymns.

Alumna Q&A: Pamela Katz ’80, screenwriter, novelist, professor

(01/31/17 5:00am)

Pamela Katz ’80, renowned screenwriter and novelist, majored in anthropology at Dartmouth. After graduation, she went on to work as a camera assistant for several prominent directors before eventually pursuing a career in screenwriting, focusing on historical and biographical film projects. In addition to her work in film, Katz has also written a novel, a nonfiction book and a television mini-series. Katz is currently a professor of screenwriting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Rudresh Mahanthappa to perform ‘Bird Calls’ selections tonight

(01/27/17 5:00am)

Rudresh Mahanthappa’s newest album, “Bird Calls,” may have started as an homage to his lifelong hero, renowned saxophone player and icon Charlie “Bird” Parker, but since its inception, the record has evolved into a fusion of jazz, bird-like motifs and Mahanthappa’s own Indian heritage. Mahanthappa, an accomplished alto saxophonist, will perform a selection of songs from “Bird Calls” tonight at 8 p.m. in Spaulding Auditorium. While Mahanthappa composed all of the songs on this album, his performance tonight will be accompanied by Josh Evans on trumpet, Thomson Kneeland on bass, Matt Mitchell on piano and Dan Weiss on drums.

Alumni Q&A: filmmakers Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg

(01/17/17 5:00am)

Ricki Stern ’87 and Annie Sundberg ’90 are an Emmy-award nominated duo renowned for their work in writing, directing and producing. Their films received acclaim for their focus on intimately complex human journeys and interactions. Their production company, Break Thru Films, most recently produced a documentary called “Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing,” which was produced in collaboration with the Boston Globe and tells the story of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.

Gavron’s ‘A Woman on the Edge of Time’ tells two stories in one

(11/04/16 4:00am)

Jeremy Gavron’s memoir “A Woman on the Edge of Time” gives the reader deep insight into the inner psyche of both Gavron and his mother. Hannah Gavron committed suicide at 29-years-old despite living a relatively charmed life. Gavron explores the complex ups and downs of her story with startling intensity. As the writer searches for his mother’s motivation in instigating her own death, he also explores the implications that this knowledge has had on his past and will have on his future.

Amy Hassinger reads for Poetry and Prose series

(10/21/16 4:00am)

Last Thursday in the Wren Room at Sanborn House, rain pattered against the windows and chairs creaked softly as students and faculty settled into their seats to hear Amy Hassinger read from her newest novel, “After the Dam.” Following an introduction by English professor Thomas O’Malley, Hassinger read several sections from her novel — the third work she has published — and then responded to a brief Q&A session.

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