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Dixon: A Story of Suppressed Dreams

(04/28/23 8:00am)

In elementary school, I wanted to be a pilot. I spent hours researching different airplanes and drawing them. I’m sure most of us had such dreams — perhaps some wanted to be an astronaut, others hoped to be a doctor and even more imagined being president. While my dream of becoming a pilot turned out to be a phase, I’ll never forget the passion and drive that a dream creates.

Dixon: A Textbook Bait and Switch

(04/20/23 8:00am)

When I toured Dartmouth, I remember being fascinated by the D-Plan — what an interesting and innovative idea, I thought. However, as I write during my off-term, I am struck by the many, many downsides to Dartmouth’s venerated D-Plan. Impressively, it manages to make both social and academic life more stressful and difficult — two birds with one stone — while also representing the outcome of a remarkably sexist decision made in the 1970s.

Dixon: Dartmouth Removed its Only Useful Graduation Requirement

(01/17/23 9:05am)

As a lifeguard and pool manager, I’ve saved drowning kids. I’ve taught kids to swim. I’m even teaching a fellow ’24 how to swim. I know that all it takes is one moment, one mistake, to drown. However, despite being a school nestled on the banks of the Connecticut River, Dartmouth’s administration has somehow concluded that its students should go about life without having the basic skill — the life-saving skill — of knowing how to swim. Swim lessons and tests save lives, which is why I’m disappointed and confused, yet somehow not surprised, by the Dartmouth faculty’s decision to get rid of the swim test.

Dixon: It's Not A Crime To Be Conservative

(08/05/22 8:00am)

I grew up in a liberal area of Maryland. I was raised by two liberal parents. I went to a liberal school. You get the idea — a young liberal man raised in a cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood. My first experience with true, cold-blooded conservatives was when a bunch of 7-year-olds ran by and screamed “Fuck Joe Biden” when I was hosting a Democratic booth at the state fair. Really transformative stuff.