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A house of one's own

(04/19/17 6:25am)

Dartmouth’s Greek life is constantly in a state of flux. Conversations revolve around whether the system is inclusive, safe, welcoming for all and how we might improve upon it. The intersection between sexuality and Greek life manifests in the way that Greek life is sometimes discussed here at Dartmouth. The national versus local sorority debate lies in the foreground, with buzzwords like “female-dominated social spaces” that indicate efforts to equalize the power between men and women within the Greek system. How do sexuality and Greek life coincide here at Dartmouth? A few individuals share their experiences here, capturing just a snapshot of Greek life at Dartmouth.

Madly in love

(03/29/17 6:06am)

The stereotypes surrounding relationships at Dartmouth seem contradictory. On the one hand, hookup culture seems pervasive: “dance floor makeouts” and no-strings-attached relationships are seen as commonplace and normal. On the other hand, there is a stereotype that Dartmouth students marry Dartmouth students, implying a much more serious level of commitment. So, how do we reconcile these stereotypes? Has hookup culture replaced the dating culture that bred Dartmouth marriages of the past? Or merely complemented it? To get some insight into the relationship culture of the past, I interviewed a Dartmouth alumnus — Carolyn Chapman ’93 — who met her husband, Pete Chapman ’91, at Dartmouth.

Forbidden fruit

(03/01/17 7:15am)

If you’ve ever been in a position of power, you know that getting people to follow the rules is a complicated and often elusive pursuit. On one hand, rules are necessary to keep people in line. On the other hand, rules can backfire. Too many rules might cause people to feel repressed and rebel; furthermore, strictly forbidding something seems to only make people want it more. So, what’s the deal? Do we need more rules or fewer? Should we take the Prohibition era of the 1920s as a warning against the threat of excessively tight control, or should we tighten the reigns to get people to comply?

Caring for other brings benefits

(02/15/17 7:10am)

For most Dartmouth students, Valentine’s Day elicits images of heart-shaped chocolates and cozy dinners at Pine. However, if Valentine’s Day is a day to care for others, then caring for others involves much more than just CVS cards and red roses. One way that Dartmouth students care for others is by volunteering with organizations that do outreach in the Upper Valley. By giving their time to these organizations, Dartmouth students give back to others, while fulfilling themselves.