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Dartmouth Soundoff

(09/18/13 8:09am)

Usually, at the end of each term, I wrap up by picking the most relevant ten albums released over the term. While I wasn't writing Soundoff regularly Summer term and therefore missed my traditional last week column, you should have no fear, for I have returned to the Dartmouth interwebs with my musical commentary. These albums don't necessarily represent the most critically acclaimed records, or even my personal favorites, but instead a smorgasbord of genres and sounds that hopefully offer at least a little to everyone.

U2 Nation gives inspiring performance, draws small crowd

(08/13/13 2:55pm)

Far too often I hear students complain about the lack of social alternatives to the Greek scene — only to not bother taking advantage of the events that are offered. Programming Board’s Fieldstock concert in the Kemeny courtyard Saturday night was a prime example of a fun, sober summer evening that not nearly enough students attended.

Summer bands heat up campus music scene

(08/07/13 1:38pm)

If you walked past Beta Alpha Omega fraternity on the fourth of July, ate lunch on the Green during Jamboree for the Junction or stopped by Phi Delta Alpha fraternity last Saturday, you’ve probably noticed that campus has gotten a lot more musical. Lady and the Tramps and The Euphemisms, two bands that formed this summer,provide campus with a welcome alternative to the old playlists we’ve been hearing for two years straight.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Branching out for the summer

(07/18/13 1:00pm)

If I'm going to be totally honest (as if this column hasn't been my internet confessional before), I've been listening to a lot of country music recently. (Spoiler: this column isn’t about country! Please keep reading!) Heck, one of my housemates told me that she can tell when I’ve been driving her car because the stereo is turned to the country station. My choice of country music doesn’t include anything that can't be summed up by this summer's iTunes top country chart (Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, etc.), so I wouldn’t be opening any new doors by talking about it.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Ten for Ten

(05/29/13 10:00am)

Another term has come and gone, and the past ten weeks have seen dozens of album releases. Unfortunately Azealia Banks’ Broke With Expensive Taste was not one of them, despite the fact that she’s been teasing us with talk of a new release since February. Then again, maybe the music universe made up for it by leaking Daft Punk’s new album a week early, but I digress. Summer break is a prime time for exploring new music, and you will need some starting points before you get off Dartmouth Secure wi-fi and onto your torrenting. Here are 10 of what I found to be the most relevant and/or interesting albums released in the last ten weeks.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Goodbye Green Key

(05/22/13 1:00pm)

Nothing says “Green Key is over” like a little drizzle and a stack of work looming ahead — and both have probably been the reality of most people's weeks so far — although maybe this week won't be so rainy after all! Rain or no rain, I'm putting away the house music and rap-indie mixtapes, and the only dubstep I'll be hearing is the kind forced onto me because I live directly behind frat row. Instead, this week is about detoxing, studying, and maybe a formal or two thrown in the mix.

Green Key 2013: Concert round-up

(05/09/13 10:30am)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung, and Green Key is right around the corner. A highlight of many students’ spring term, the weekend is centered on good weather, good company and as is with any big spring weekend across the country, good music. This year, Dartmouth has outdone itself by bringing major performing artists to our tiny little town of Hanover.

Dartmouth Soundoff

(04/24/13 4:00pm)

Last Tuesday I woke up with a 103 degree fever. Barely able to leave my room or even hear myself think, I cancelled my appointments for the afternoon and lay in bed all day wallowing in my pathetic misery and the blue Powerade I made my roommate get from the vending machine. Around 3 p.m., I popped a few Advil and mustered the mental gusto to stare at a computer screen so I could at least not waste the entire day.

Profile on Campus New Country Band: Chuck

(04/24/13 7:00am)

New country band Chuck has been sweeping campus with their smooth tunes and crooning voices. Founded by Chase Klein ’14, the band plays a mix of original songs and covers. After bursting into the scene two weekends ago when they performed at Sigma Delta sorority, and with the help of their publicist Katherine Cima ’14, Chuck has managed to garner over one hundred likes on their Facebook page in just a few days. The group also has a general manager, Jon Brady ’14, who is in charge of booking their shows.

Dartmouth Sound Off: Record Store Day to be Celebrated Saturday

(04/17/13 1:00pm)

In an age where the demise of physical copies of music (and the stores that sell them) seems inevitable, some establishments still manag to survive. While the part of me that’s an economics major is not so vehemently against the corporatization of music distribution and production (it’s all about increasing efficiency!), the music and cultural enthusiast in me admires the preservation of any indie entity. Music is a unique industry because the prevailing artists on the charts and airways are unfortunately not always the most talented nor create the highest quality products. By supporting indie stores, you are supporting opportunities for artists in local scenes to get more exposure, and, most importantly supporting the idea that artists should be judged by their merit and not their bankroll that backs them up.

Filligar Travels to Azerbaijan

(04/15/13 1:00pm)

If you have not been listening to Filligar, you have a lot of catching up to do. Since they released their last album “The Nerve” back in 2010, the Mathias brothers Pete ’09, Teddy ’09, and Johnny ’11, along with Hamilton College graduate Casey Gibson, have been bringing their much-loved live performances to venues across the country. Now that all four band members have graduated college, they have been spending most of their time touring. They have made stops in Canada and also toured in the United Kingdom in 2011. The band is set to release a new album later this year, which Gibson said was put together “piece-meal” in order to work around their full schedule of live shows.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Family Trees from WhoSampled

(04/10/13 11:30am)

A few weeks ago I talked about Today, I thought I would take a song we all know and use it as a case study, if you will, of just how random music connections can be. The song of choice is Avicii’s “Levels,”— which in case you’re wondering, is not be most creative choice, but one that will probably best illustrate my point.

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