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Editors' Note

(05/17/23 6:00am)

Rock ‘n’ roll, Dartmouth – welcome to Week 8! Between the building anticipation for Green Key, the ubiquitous sickness around campus and the lead up to finals, it really feels like we’re  in the home stretch. Now all we have to do now is make it through this marathon of a weekend. Though there will be very few quiet moments this week, maybe you can flip through some of our articles in between games of meniscus, Block Party and those public DFMOs that people are totally not going to think of every time they see you for the next few years. 

The Game Ends, and a New Chapter Begins

(05/17/23 6:05am)

In sports, there seems to be one mantra that reigns supreme: Don’t quit. For many athletes, to quit is to fail. This attitude is deeply ingrained into the mind of every athlete from a young age. However, there are both positive and negative effects from this supposedly all-encompassing edict. While Dartmouth athletes excel in the realm of scoring rugby tries, poke-checking incoming wingers on the ice rink or making the stop on the one-yard line, juggling a varsity sport on top of Ivy League academics can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. 

Reflection: Just Another Bitch On Your Frat Lawn

(05/17/23 6:25am)

Last Friday night, my friends and I sat down to smoke on the border of the sidewalk and the lawn of a fraternity — one that anonymous, bored Fizz users might deem “top haus.” As we talked quietly amongst ourselves, a window opened from above. Voices began shouting into the dark: “Get off our lawn!” One figure threw down a large piece of what seemed like posterboard, which caught in the wind and missed its mark by about 20 feet. The figures then called us bitches, and a couple proceeded to yell, “I’m going to fuck your mom.” 

Dressed to Impress and Protect Our Planet

(05/19/23 7:05am)

 As the first days of May in Hanover bloomed, flowers were draped from the ceiling and grass mats lined the floor of Collis Common Ground, transforming it into a scene from a mythical garden for the Fashion Et Cetera Spring Fashion Show on May 3. Swirls of colorful lights shifted above the stage, and students sat on all sides of the catwalk constructed for the event. Some audience members held champagne flutes in their hands while others clapped. 42 student models walked down the catwalk in vibrant oranges and delicate whites, open-front shirts and plunging dress necklines. 

Howe’d You Get Those Books?

(05/17/23 6:15am)

After almost a full academic year of living in the Lodge, a dorm located off Hanover’s Main Street, I have learned that nothing is truly that far in Hanover — unless I try to motivate myself to go to the library on a freezing day. In that case, I would much rather not submit my paper than make that cold trek to the stacks. This winter, as my motivation to study dropped with the temperature, my saving grace was the discovery of the Howe Library, Hanover’s public library. Just a minute from my dorm and open daily, this hidden gem quickly became my go-to study spot, saving me from my winter blues.

The Passion Behind “The Scene”

(05/17/23 6:10am)

As soon as I came to Dartmouth, I knew that I was going to play in some kind of band. In high school, I played the drums and bass, and I hoped to continue pursuing my passion for music in college. But what I didn’t expect was to play in every student band that performed during my sophomore summer, in settings from poorly attended darties in backyards to raucous summer evening performances in sweaty chapter rooms. I didn’t expect to co-found two student bands, Exit 13 and Tightrope, that are still going strong without me — or to play with The Stripers in some of the biggest concerts of the summer. Though I only play with one band now, Gibberish, I feel like a full-fledged member of Dartmouth’s lively student band scene. 

A Decade of Dali

(05/10/23 4:12pm)

On May 5, the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Three computer science department faculty members — professor Lorie Loeb, professor Daniel Rockmore and staff member Tim Tregubov — founded the organization in 2013 to provide an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience working on projects that could have real-world impact, according to Loeb. 

Editors' Note

(05/10/23 6:00am)

With just a few weeks left of the term, time seems to slip through our fingers. Students snap graduation photos outside of Baker, smoothie-drinking sundress wearers dot the Green and the sun’s shimmering rays set later each day. Memories made this year are starting to settle, and we hope that you take some time for yourself this week to reflect on how this term has felt for you.  

The Not So Sacred Right to Vote

(05/10/23 6:25am)

Every other November, New Hampshire voters wait with bated breath for the state election results of their beloved Granite State. Over the last few election cycles, one question has bubbled to the surface: Should out-of-state students have the right to vote in New Hampshire elections? As of now, the law allows out-of-state students to vote in New Hampshire state elections by registering to vote through demonstration of identity, age, and citizenship, as well as documentation that shows you live in campus housing. Contention, however, runs deeper than party lines.

Problematic or Productive? Professors Discuss The Use of ChatGPT in The Classroom

(05/10/23 6:20am)

It is no secret that OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, is transforming the academic landscape — especially due to its applications in coding and writing. Only a few months after its release, ChatGPT’s usage has become widespread, and Dartmouth professors are feeling the pressure to make a decision on the new technology’s role in the classroom. 

Do Numbers Speak Louder than Words? Students weigh in on Dartmouth’s National College Ranking

(05/10/23 6:05am)

In the most recent annual U.S. News & World Report university rankings, Columbia dropped from the number two spot to 18 after they admitted to submitting inaccurate data to U.S. News that was used to place their ranking. Following this news, many Dartmouth students posted on Fizz, an anonymous online social media forum, making fun of Columbia’s drop while also semi-sarcastically celebrating Dartmouth’s higher rank than Columbia, as Dartmouth holds the number 12 spot. 

Editors’ Note

(05/03/23 6:00am)

Week 6 has arrived. A rainy week reaffirmed the muddy misery that April in New Hampshire can bring, but hopefully we will be treated to the promised May flowers. Seniors, I hope you are celebrating the end of your time at Dartmouth while also overcoming the possible existential dread that your last term at Dartmouth may bring. The rest of you, I hope you are still trying to find a way to complete your work while every ’23 you know seems to be doing anything but working. 

The Collis Special and Its Devoted Community

(05/03/23 6:20am)

On Monday through Friday, Collis Cafe prepares a variety of lunch options, but none seem to be more popular than the Collis Lunch Special. The Special — which changes every day but follows a loose weekly pattern — even has its own dedicated GroupMe chat titled “Collis Special @NOW.” The chat has more than 1,400 members, all eager to hear the day’s Special option. 

Reflection: The Things We Carry, Part 2

(05/03/23 6:25am)

Currently, there is a pair of Nike Blazer high-tops sitting upstairs on the bottom of my shoe rack, covered in on-night grime. Somehow, even after all this time, there are still no holes in them. One of the laces is nicked from the time I had to cut the feet off my onesie on bid night because they wouldn’t fit over my shoes. The soles are just intact enough to be worn in the rain — and to stop the warm keystone from seeping in when I step in the occasional basement puddle.

Onstage in The Woods: Student-Led Theater Groups at Dartmouth

(05/03/23 6:10am)

In a tight-knit community like Dartmouth, student-led theater groups can explore powerful thematic narratives that embody student interests. Using theater as their medium, student performers instigate change and awareness among the student body. Two student groups on campus, the Displaced Theatre Company and the Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals, put on termly productions portraying stories that the campus community might otherwise not see.  

Q&A with ‘Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting’ Author Matt Richardson ’91

(05/03/23 6:05am)

Matt Richardson ’91 is an associate professor of feminist studies and an affiliate faculty member in Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This past week, he visited campus to meet with various student groups and discuss his new novel “Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting.” The novel follows the story of a Black, nonbinary student as they navigate Dartmouth’s campus in the 1980s and confront the dark secrets of the College’s history. Richardson sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss his book, his own time at Dartmouth and the book’s resonant message.