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Editors’ Note

(10/06/21 6:00am)

There’s something so special about the energy of campus leading up to a big weekend. Maybe it’s the intersection of students studying for midterms in Baker-Berry with students stumbling home from frat row (because going out on a Monday is fine if it’s for the sake of tradition, right?). Or maybe it’s that unique, palpable sense of community and history that flows through campus as alumni trickle into Hanover. Week 4 is also that time of the term when students begin to solidify their communities on campus — whether that’s through Greek life, club sports, performing arts  groups or even deciding to write for the school newspaper (which sounds pretty fun, in our completely unbiased opinions).

What if I Like the Mainstream?

(10/06/21 6:10am)

As a queer person and a queer writer at Dartmouth, I believe that amplifying marginalized voices and telling alternate narratives is and should be my main focus. Dartmouth is a very old institution, and, for most of its history, it has been an unwelcoming space for anyone who is not a cisgender, straight, white man. It was one of the last Ivy Leagues to coeducate, had a famously homophobic chapter under Laura Ingraham’s tenure as editor of The Dartmouth Review and remains a difficult place to be a person of color. 

The Odd One Out

(09/29/21 6:10am)

As a senior, I sometimes feel out of place in my introductory language course which is, predictably, largely dominated by freshmen. I sit down most mornings in ARAB 1, “First-Year Courses in Arabic” and I hear ’25s asking for directions, chatting about the first-year frat ban and discussing their WRIT 5 assignments. As someone who knows my way around Dartmouth and has taken my fair share of classes, I feel distinctly out of place.

The Forgotten Class: Reflections on the Authenticity of ‘The Dartmouth Experience’

(09/29/21 6:20am)

Earlier this month, we welcomed the Class of 2025 into the Dartmouth community. Upon arrival they embarked on First-Year Trips — albeit a modified version — just as every class has done for the past nearly 90 years, with the exception of the Class of 2024, for obvious reasons. The ’25s attended their matriculation and twilight ceremonies and began classes having completed all the initiatory prerequisites that Dartmouth requires.

Editors' Note

(09/29/21 6:00am)

The chaos of a Dartmouth term is starting to kick in; we’ve seen students head from the stacks to the frats, swarms of ’24s anxiously waiting on frat row for rush events to begin and the sore sight of dark under eye circles from late-night study sessions. It's week three; we’ve got a lot going on. But honestly, would we want it any other way?

More Than a Five Year Plan: Pre-Health Students Prepare for Medical School

(09/29/21 6:15am)

Seniors on the pre-health track, often referred to as ‘pre-meds,’ are currently gearing up for the next chapter of their academic and professional lives. For many, this entails preparing for and taking the Medical College Admission Test as well as applying to medical schools. However, due to the pandemic, today’s pre-meds have had to take crucial classes online and have missed out on other in-person opportunities like shadowing and research. 

Home Away from Home: Students Reflect on Experiences in Identity-Based Houses

(09/22/21 6:20am)

From dorm rooms to Greek houses to Zooming into class from your childhood bedroom, the spaces we live in have an incredible influence over our college experience. Greek houses in particular pride themselves on cultivating a sense of community and camaraderie for its residents, but these spaces are not the only houses of this kind on campus. Many of Dartmouth’s Living Learning Communities also promise a unique residential experience, where students live with those who share a specific interest or aspect of their identity. 

Q&A About the Crisis in Afghanistan with Professor Jason Lyall

(09/22/21 6:15am)

The current chaos in Afghanistan is a result of decades of global politics — in trying to understand the situation, it’s difficult even to know where to begin. Jason Lyall is Dartmouth’s James Wright Associate Professor in Transnational Studies in the Government Department. Since 2009, he has traveled to Afghanistan around a dozen times in order to study humanitarian aid and conduct popular surveys, among other things. 


(09/22/21 6:05am)

One of the hallmarks of orientation week for a typical Dartmouth freshman is the matriculation ceremony — by shaking the President of the College’s hand, the untethered former high school senior becomes a Dartmouth student and crosses the threshold into a formative four years in the Granite State. The matriculation ceremony poses a particular risk in the era of COVID-19; thus, in lieu of last year’s typical matriculation ceremony, members of the Class of 2024 were given glow sticks to crack while alone in their rooms during their third day of a 14-day quarantine. The light was meant to mimic the light of the Twilight Ceremony, in which the entire class of incoming freshmen walk into the woods near the College holding a candle — but, scattered across hundreds of isolated dorm rooms, it couldn’t compete with the real thing. There is something special about the complete openness to new experiences, being with and for others and walking into the wilderness — experiences that the real Twilight Ceremony seems to symbolize.

Editors' Note

(09/22/21 6:00am)

It’s that time of the year again: When the sticky summer nights fade into brisk autumn mornings, and we trade our Saturday morning paddleboarding for apple picking. And this year, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing. From first-year students navigating campus for the very first time to upperclassmen returning to a slightly unfamiliar College, all of us are grappling with changing perspectives.

Ending with a Bang

(09/15/21 6:10am)

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, I thought that I had my life completely planned out – I had chosen my major, my extracurriculars and the career path I wanted to follow. Campus was a wonderfully hectic whirlwind of classes and friends, a Dartmouth bubble that felt cut off from the outside world. But my days were also stressful, dedicated to planning out my future rather than enjoying my present. This tension only increased when, during my sophomore winter, I began to hear news of an epidemic unfolding half a world away. Like many others, I felt an undercurrent of anxiety that started growing as case counts increased and the epidemic morphed into a pandemic. Even so, I was completely unprepared for the massive change in perspective that was coming my way. At the very end of the term, the pandemic reached Dartmouth, and I packed my bags for “five weeks of remote classes.” 

Notes from the Field: Shadowing an Admissions Tour

(09/15/21 6:20am)

Admissions tours are the first introduction many future Dartmouth students have to the College, myself included. I still remember driving up from Boston with my dad on a brisk October afternoon during my senior year of high school and learning about all that Dartmouth had to offer. We went into academic buildings, the library and even a dorm. My admissions tour experience sold me on Dartmouth and quelled my fears that I wouldn’t be able to survive the New Hampshire wilderness. 

Making the Best of It: Reflections on the Return of First-Year Trips

(09/15/21 6:15am)

For many of us over the past few months, the promise of fall 2021 felt like the light at the end of a long COVID-19 tunnel. With the beginning of fall term, we’ve seen the return of the majority of the student population to Hanover, as well the resumption of in-person classes. It feels like campus is overflowing with new faces and fresh energy, and one of the first experiences these new students had was participating in the Dartmouth Outing Club’s First-Year Trips program. 

Editors’ Note

(09/15/21 6:00am)

Ah, yes; the familiar scene of students shuffling in between classes, the hum of chatter in the post-10As line in Collis and the faint — but ever-lingering — smell of fear. We’re back on campus, but our first-week-of-class glow is covered up by a familiar rectangular piece of fabric that makes it nearly impossible to recognize one another (sorry if we accidentally stare blankly at you for a few seconds; we’re trying to figure out if you’re actually our roommate from freshman year or a ’25). Despite these obstacles, we at Mirror are excited for these next ten weeks at Dartmouth and the opportunities that an in-person academic term provides. 

A Delectable Dining Directory

(09/07/21 7:00am)

Navigating how to feed yourself is a common worry among many freshman college students. Not only do freshmen have to learn how to fit eating into a newly unregulated schedule, they might feel uncertain about the type and quality of food available on campus. While this worry is common, it is, for the most part, unfounded. For the size of Dartmouth’s campus, there is actually quite the selection of food. In fact, ranks the College’s food in the top 10% of U.S. universities. This comprehensive guide to Dartmouth Dining Services will hopefully serve as an introduction for the Class of 2025 on where to find the best grub on campus.

The Stars of Sophomore Summer

(08/26/21 6:00am)

Dartmouth students experience their sunniest ten weeks in Hanover each sophomore summer, and students employ a different philosophy during the unconventional term than during the rest of the year. While students often use this time as an opportunity to get excited about things outside of the classroom (or the confines of their major), summer school does still include “school.” 

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