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Stuck in the Woods? The Trials and Tribulations of a Rural Commute

(03/30/22 6:15am)

Part of the beauty of Dartmouth lies in its remote location. But at two and a half hours away from the nearest major city, living in the woods also effectively separates students from many of the modern conveniences of the outside world, like easy access to transportation — especially for students without a personal car. At the beginning and end of each term, the question of how to get to and from campus always seems to emerge, and it’s not always an easy problem to solve. 

The 2022 Oscars fashion blurs the lines of masculinity and femininity

(03/31/22 6:05am)

Hundreds of celebrities walked the red carpet at the 94th annual Academy Awards on Sunday for the first relatively normal version of the award ceremony since the outbreak of COVID-19. Now more than ever, it seemed like the artists felt freer to express themselves: They were unapologetic in dressing in unique and interesting ways, even blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity. The Oscars highlighted the ambiguity and freedom of fashion under the watchful eye of the public, reflecting a modern acceptance of clothing’s gender fluidity. From fresh takes on the classic “awards ceremony” dress to the experimental and risky, this year’s best dressed at the Oscars were truly some to remember.

Review: Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’ Lacks Usual Experimental Character

(03/31/22 6:00am)

After her first experiment with hyperpop in 2016 with the EP “Vroom Vroom,” Charli XCX has been on the cutting edge of new sounds in popular music. Albums like “Charli” (my favorite album of 2019) and 2020’s “How I’m Feeling Now” have been instrumental in bringing the bubblegum bass sound — pioneered by her late collaborator SOPHIE and British music label PC Music — to the mainstream. However, as she releases the final album of her record deal with Atlantic, Charli XCX is trying something new: By her own admission, she’s selling out.

DOC organizes first spring break trips since start of pandemic

(03/29/22 9:00am)

Over spring break, five subclubs of the Dartmouth Outing Club — the Cabin and Trail club, the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club, the Ledyard Canoe Club, the Mountain Biking Club and the Winter Sports Club — organized trips to various locations across the country. According to Outdoor Programs Office director Coz Teplitz, these are the first break trips since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Review: ‘Turning Red’ Turns Coming-of-Age on Its Head, and It’s About Time

(03/29/22 6:00am)

Released to Disney+ on March 11, “Turning Red” took the world by storm. Directed by Domee Shi, the movie follows 13-year-old Meilin “Mei” Lee (Rosalie Chiang) after she wakes and discovers that when she experiences strong emotions, she transforms into a giant red panda, a respected guardian animal in her family’s history. This generational curse and blessing is passed down to every daughter when they come of age; however, it can be permanently trapped in a talisman with a ritual performed during a Red Moon. As Mei struggles to control her new and changing body, she is forced to confront her relationship with herself, her friends and most importantly, her mother.

End of Term Formalities

(03/09/22 7:10am)

As I rummaged through my overly stuffed wardrobe in desperation, my situation was becoming increasingly dire. How could I possibly attend a formal with not a suit in sight? It was a rash oversight on my part: four days ago at our Mirror meeting, I had volunteered to write an insider’s perspective on Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority’s winter term formal — purely for the sake of journalism. I had, however, failed to consider my lack of any clothes that could be considered “formal.” 

Students Face Obstacles Navigating Dick’s House Counseling and Health Services

(03/09/22 7:35am)

College kids getting sick is not a new phenomenon — we live in close quarters, work ourselves too hard and spend our weekends in musty frat basements. This term, the first few weeks were marked with hundreds of Dartmouth students contracting COVID-19. Now, as COVID cases decline, students’ runny noses and coughs remain — in recent weeks, campus has seen an uptick in cases of influenza A.

525,600 Minutes: The Cast of “Rent” on Time Management during MainStage Season

(03/09/22 7:30am)

“Rent,” the theater department’s winter 2022 MainStage production, ran at the Moore Theater from Feb. 18-20 and Feb. 24-27. Though I don’t have experience performing at Dartmouth, in high school, I participated in the musical each winter and as I watched the cast of “Rent” perform, I couldn’t help but wonder how they balanced rehearsals with academics; it was hard enough for me to strike a balance in high school, and as we all know, Dartmouth is much more difficult than high school. 

The Last Editors’ Note of the 178th Directorate

(03/09/22 7:00am)

Well folks, this is it. The last editors’ note from the 178th Mirror Editors of The Dartmouth. We think that this final issue calls for breaking the third wall, so here goes: Hello! We are your editors, Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris. In case you were curious, we divide up these little notes by alternating week by week; this issue, it’s Novi writing. Well honestly, “writing” is a strong word; I am typing clunky strings of words, only to erase them once again — trying to write perfect sentences, perfect enough to reflect this paper, to display the love and hours we’ve put into these pages. It's an impossible task, and yet, like Sisyphus, I hopelessly continue to put words on paper, in search of a new arrangement that feels right. Maybe, for the first time, I, an editor, am without words. 

Mardi Gras: The Holiday of Indulgence

(03/09/22 7:15am)

Ah, Mardi Gras. You know, that crazy event that you saw on all of your friends’ Snapchat stories and Instagram posts last week? The one with the green, yellow and purple beads that fly around like heat-seeking boomerangs? Where outrageous floats loom over onlookers and jazz vibrates through the air like a symphony of pure jubilation? It’s amazing to witness the spectacle that Mardi Gras has become — even to simply view its raucous energy over social media and other outlets leaves you questioning what it truly means to “celebrate.” 

Let’s Grab a Meal Sometime: Observations from My Time Eating Alone at Foco

(03/09/22 7:20am)

I’ve eaten alone at Foco in pretty much every place you can imagine, from the long tables on dark side to the couches on the 2nd floor. On most weekdays, you’ll see me blissfully chowing down on my bowls of pasta and salad at some random corner of the cafeteria, with no other students around me and no computer or notebooks to indicate that I am working. You might ask whether this practice is out of necessity, but it’s not — I actually enjoy eating alone.

Hanover hires Raftelis consulting firm to manage search for new town manager

(03/08/22 10:00am)

Last October, Hanover town manager Julia Griffin announced her intention to retire in spring 2022, and the town has since then hired consulting firm Raftelis to conduct a nationwide search.  According to Hanover Selectboard member Bill Geraghty, who is heading the search for Griffin’s replacement, the Selectboard hopes to hire a replacement by early May. 

Ukrainian students seek additional support, sensitivity from College community in wake of Russian invasion

(03/08/22 10:15am)

Though the College administration has condemned Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and offered support for affected students, students from Ukraine said they believe the campus community could do more to support them.

Essential Dartmouth Playlists

(03/08/22 7:00am)

As we reflect on our last night of production as the 178th Directorate’s Arts editors, we would like to share something meaningful and expressive. We have truly enjoyed writing and editing pieces about the arts on campus and beyond, as this creative sphere allows for special connections between peoples. Art, theater, music, movies and books serve to foster a shared humanity, and we hope that our articles over the past year have reflected this valuable sentiment to the Dartmouth and Upper Valley communities. So, in our last piece as Arts editors, we use music to highlight shared Dartmouth traditions. We hope you enjoy these playlists.