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Student groups hold ‘March for Freedom’ in response to arrest of undergraduate protestors

(11/02/23 9:05am)

On Oct. 30, various student groups, including Sunrise Dartmouth, held the “Student March for Freedom” after Hanover Police Department officers arrested Kevin Engel ’27 and Roan V. Wade ’25 for trespassing on College property on the night of Oct. 28. 

Editors' Note

(11/01/23 6:00am)

On Saturday, I went to the Dartmouth-Harvard football game. After riding on a cramped bus to Boston for over two hours, standing amidst a packed crowd for an hour and finally wandering to find a bathroom for 15 minutes, I decided to venture outside of Harvard stadium. As I strode across the Charles River, mere blocks from my parents first apartment in Cambridge, I wondered whether their 30-year-old selves had any plans for the future. Did they plan on moving to Washington D.C. soon after? Did they think they would have three kids? How did they know how to figure out their lives? 

Where to Work: Student Jobs On and Off Campus

(11/01/23 6:10am)

Dartmouth students are busy people. To be a student is to balance a wide variety of obligations on campus: classes, sports, clubs, performance groups and sometimes more. For many students, working a job is another obligation to juggle. The Dartmouth spoke with students about where they work and how they found jobs that fit their interests and busy schedules.

Fraternities’ Furry Friends: Frat Dogs on Campus

(11/01/23 6:25am)

In any context, caring for a dog takes a lot of patience, perseverance and responsibility. Such virtues are tested when it comes to owning a dog in a college environment. In fact, quite a few Dartmouth fraternities are home to canine companions. This week, Mirror investigated how various brothers care for their dogs in their social spaces.  

Demands made at climate justice march on the Green

(10/30/23 9:05am)

On Oct. 27, members of the Dartmouth and broader Upper Valley community gathered on the Green for a climate justice march. Several organizations — Eating for the Earth, Dartmouth Energy Alliance, Fossil Free Dartmouth, Spare Rib and Sunrise Dartmouth — organized the event to raise awareness about various environmental issues and demand action on campus.

Wright center hosts law professor Mary Anne Franks for campus lecture

(10/30/23 9:00am)

On Oct. 23, George Washington University Law School professor Mary Anne Franks visited campus to deliver a lecture titled “Selling Out Free Speech” for the Susan and James Wright Center. Franks delivered her lecture in Filene Auditorium to about 100 people, Wright Center manager Christine Ellen said.

Trends: The Overuse of Gore Can Weaken the Horror Genre

(10/30/23 6:05am)

Horror movies have long been a defining staple in Hollywood, spiking audiences’ adrenaline and fueling the nightmares of the masses for generations. Once filmmakers realized that they could attract audiences through the promise of a good scare, the horror genre has constantly been innovating and attempting to reinvent itself to maintain its cultural and psychological relevance. 

College sees no arrests or attempts to touch fire during Homecoming weekend

(10/27/23 9:05am)

From Oct. 20 to Oct. 22, Dartmouth’s Homecoming weekend featured a variety of events for both students and alumni, including the annual bonfire and parade, the Dartoberfest social, back-to-class lectures, tours, mini reunions and a football game at Memorial Field against Columbia University. The weekend went smoothly and no arrests were made, according to Hanover Police Department Lt. Michael Schibuola, who oversaw the event. 

Q&A with professor Kristina Lynch, who designed tools aboard NASA rockets

(10/27/23 9:00am)

During an annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14, NASA launched three rockets into space for the Atmospheric Perturbations around the Eclipse Path mission. Aboard these rockets were instruments developed by physics and astronomy professor Kristina Lynch and a group of Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students in her lab. The devices collected data on the solar eclipse’s effects on ion-temperature in the Earth’s ionosphere. Lynch sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss her work on the tools and the importance of studying how Earth’s environment affects the ionosphere. 

Spotlight on My Brigadeiro: A Brazilian Bakery in the Upper Valley

(10/27/23 6:05am)

What started in 2012 as a small business owned by Paula Fernandes — a Brazilian immigrant — is now a successful bakery central to Hanover called My Brigadeiro. The bakery’s handcrafted and organic products include 35 flavors of brigadeiros, plus a wide variety of authentic Brazilian pastries and savory snacks with European and American flair. According to their website, the store was created from Fernandes’s passion for “cooking, family, friends, and entertaining them with delicious treats.”