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‘La La Land’ (2016) reinvigorates the movie musical

(09/24/16 4:58pm)

Call me a heretic if you want, but I am not prone to loving musicals. Which is not to say that there aren’t many excellent examples of the genre, there just happen to be many more examples that I find unappealing and tiresome. But as I left Spaulding Auditorium Saturday night, having just seen Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land” (2016), I felt something I had not felt in some time: the need to rejoice! To rejoice at the fact that there was a director working today who had the guts to make a movie that is so shamelessly nostalgic and positive in spirit. This may only be Chazelle’s, who directed “Whiplash” (2014), third film, but it is so confident that I have no doubt he will become one of the defining filmmaking voices of this generation.

‘E-Term’ gives students a taste of the professional theater world

(09/24/16 4:59pm)

For some students, leave terms consist of working on Excel or fetching coffee. But for the five students participating in the pilot program of the theater department’s Experiential Term, partnering with theater company Northern Stage, days are spent working with theater professionals in West Lebanon and soon, New York City. The program is a natural progression of the theater department’s long-term affiliation with Northern Stage, an award-winning, professional regional theater in White River Junction, Vt. For 15 weeks, students in the program will be immersed in all aspects of professional theater, culminating in their participation in two productions: an Off-Broadway production of “Orwell in America” in New York City and in the company’s production of “A Christmas Carol.”

Alumna Q&A: editorial assistant Perrin Brown ’15

(09/15/16 4:00am)

As a Dartmouth student, Perrin Brown ’15 interned for “Conan” and worked at an economics research firm. After graduation, she worked as a hospitality assistant at the Napa Valley Film Festival, as a marketing intern for a Los Angeles-based company and more recently, as an editorial assistant at Bodhi Tree, a spiritual online vendor startup. There, she hopes to grow and explore her interests, including film and media.

Upperclassmen shed light on performance group auditions

(09/14/16 4:00am)

Whether first-year students have been dreaming of joining the Aires since their first solo in their high school choir, curious about Ujima since the dance showcase or thinking they might just wing it at the Dog Day Players auditions, the start of classes brings with it the first opportunity for first-years to show off their talents to student performance groups at Dartmouth. As auditions kick into gear, upperclassmen in performance groups share their own audition experiences and wisdom with the arts section.

DFS fall series deals with themes from hit musical ‘Hamilton’

(09/13/16 4:01am)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit show “Hamilton” (2015), a hip hop-based musical about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, has captured the hearts of people everywhere, and the Dartmouth Film Society is no exception. Every term, the society, among other tasks, organizes and presents a film series based around a theme. This term’s film theme is entitled “Hamilton’s America.”

Film Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’ (2016) leaves you out of breath

(09/13/16 4:01am)

“Don’t Breathe” (2016) is the second feature film from co-writer and director Fede Alvarez, who also co-wrote and directed a reboot of “Evil Dead” (2013). Fans who enjoyed the unique interpretation of traditional horror in the reboot will love the similar spin to the genre that Alvarez brings to “Don’t Breathe.”

Frost and Dodd contest winners’ plays open this weekend

(07/28/16 9:05pm)

What happens when two tapeworms find themselves in the midst of a black market organ trade crisis? A little girl’s grandfather is keeping a terrifying secret from his own daughter — what is it, and why is he so desperately trying to keep it hidden? What will be exposed of a family when its members gather to read the will of the family’s patriarch?

Students discuss summer art courses

(07/28/16 9:00pm)

Looking closely at students leaving the Black Family Visual Arts Center, one can see charcoal smudges or smeared paint on hands. Voices singing melodies or reciting Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter echo through the rehearsal rooms in the Hopkins Center. Photographers scout views on the Green and film students watch movies in the library with headphones in and eyes rapt.

Professors share their summer reading recommendations

(07/21/16 10:00pm)

With many of us taking lighter class loads this summer, students may find themselves with extra time during the week. Naturally, some will pass time laying on the Green or lounging on the swimming dock at the River. For students who feel compelled to complete “summer reading” or for those who are looking to relax and enrich their minds, The Dartmouth offers a list of book recommendations from an unexpected source: your professors.