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Verbum Ultimum: Baby Steps toward Student Wellness

(01/27/23 9:00am)

Mental health and wellness is always on the minds of Dartmouth students. Since it convened last March, this Editorial Board has published no less than four articles on various mental health topics, from the JED Foundation to the collective trauma of losing five of our classmates in less than three years. Similarly, David Millman ’23 and Jessica Chiriboga ’24, president and vice president of Dartmouth Student Government, ran on a platform of expanding and improving the mental healthcare options available to students. 

Capone: Dartmouth's Grading System Gets an F, Part II

(01/26/23 9:00am)

One of the purportedly unique features of Dartmouth’s grading system is the ability to elect a non-recording option (NRO) for a class. Students can select a threshold for the lowest grade they are willing to receive in a class; if, upon completion of the term, they receive a grade lower than their limit (but still pass the class), an “NR” will appear on their transcript instead of the grade.  This “NR” is not factored into GPA calculations.

de Wolff: Stop the CCP’s Land Grab

(01/19/23 9:00am)

Something is rotten in the state of Missouri. In just the last decade, China has snapped up over 40,000 acres of Missouri farmland. The state is emerging as one of several key battlegrounds in which the United States must face down the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party. States across the country such as California, Texas, Florida and Virginia have all seen rising Chinese land ownership in recent years. With increasing amounts of American land in the hands of the CCP, who are currently waging economic warfare, industrial espionage and an antagonistic foreign policy against us, it’s time to confront this unfortunate reality. 

Dixon: Dartmouth Removed its Only Useful Graduation Requirement

(01/17/23 9:05am)

As a lifeguard and pool manager, I’ve saved drowning kids. I’ve taught kids to swim. I’m even teaching a fellow ’24 how to swim. I know that all it takes is one moment, one mistake, to drown. However, despite being a school nestled on the banks of the Connecticut River, Dartmouth’s administration has somehow concluded that its students should go about life without having the basic skill — the life-saving skill — of knowing how to swim. Swim lessons and tests save lives, which is why I’m disappointed and confused, yet somehow not surprised, by the Dartmouth faculty’s decision to get rid of the swim test.

Verbum Ultimum: Taking Candy from a Baby

(01/13/23 9:10am)

Nothing gets college students angry like messing with their food. Aside from being essential, meals are a cherished moment to relax and socialize. Infringe on that, and there will be problems. Yet, that is exactly what Dartmouth Dining has done lately by increasing food prices and pushing students to purchase meal plans that give them less and less bang for their buck. 

Henrich, Kufferman, Roland: The Dartmouth Energy Bubble: Rising Energy Prices in the Fight to Stay Warm this Winter

(01/13/23 9:00am)

“At the end of the month, sometimes I’ll take the bus to work if I know I can’t afford a tank of gas,” says Rendi Rogers, a graduate student pursuing a doctorate in microbiology and a lead organizer for Graduate Organized Laborers at Dartmouth, the graduate student union. Although we attend an institution with one of the largest endowments in the country, rising energy costs have made it next to impossible for our graduate students to survive in the expensive Upper Valley. 

Lane: Don’t Shoot the Tax Collector… errr… I Mean Messenger

(01/10/23 4:03pm)

Like many others, I watched closely as Congress released former President Trump’s tax returns in December of 2022. Also like many others, I audibly groaned while reading that the IRS not only twice failed to do the legally required annual audits of the president and vice president’s taxes, but Trump also somehow found a way to pay no taxes in 2020 and a mere $750 in 2016 and 2017. Part of the social contract is that those who have a lot must also contribute a lot to ensure we have adequate resources available for the common good. Clearly, the IRS is struggling to enforce that contract. To make matters worse, House Republicans just announced that their first bill of the session will be to seek a further cut to IRS funding, endangering the agency even more. So much for their calls to support law enforcement, I suppose.

Allen: Don’t Rock the Vote

(01/05/23 9:00am)

It’s no secret that political ambitions run high among Dartmouth students. Take, for example, the six students who have run for or served in elected offices representing Hanover in my time here: Garrett Muscatel ’20, who represented Hanover and Lyme in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives in 2019 and 2020; Riley Gordon ’22 and Victoria Xiao ’22, both of whom ran for state representative in 2020, though Xiao dropped out of the race before the primary; Miles Brown ’23 and Nicolás Macri ’24, both of whom ran for the same office in 2022; and David Millman ’23, who ran for Hanover Town Selectboard in 2021.

Menning: Just Doe It

(11/15/22 9:00am)

This year, roughly 10,000 Granite Staters will return from the New Hampshire forests with harvested white-tailed deer. Though distant from campus, these hunters’ license fees will fund New Hampshire conservation while preventing deer overpopulation in places like Hanover. When they finish dressing and processing their harvested game, deer hunters will return home to share the wild venison with family and friends. However, they will not be able to sell their game to restaurants or butchers –– unlike the United Kingdom and Germany, New Hampshire bans the sale of wild venison.