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Rally on Green protests ICE and detention camps

(07/19/19 6:00am)

Following reports of inhumane conditions within immigration detention camps along the southern U.S. border that detailed children being subjected to overcrowding, poor sanitation and inadequate access to food and medical care, Hanover joined 700 cities nationwide to host a “Lights for Liberty” protest last Friday evening. Nearly 300 Dartmouth students, faculty members and Upper Valley residents assembled on the Green to take part in the rally, which included speeches from local activists, musical performances and a candlelight vigil. 

Hanover sets date for hearing to deliberate new excavation plan

(07/19/19 6:45am)

The town of Hanover will hold a formal public hearing on July 23 to deliberate on the College’s request to amend the west end construction site plan after an excavation error halted construction of the new Center for Engineering and Computer Science earlier this month, according to Hanover town manager Julia Griffin. At the hearing, the Hanover planning board will decide whether to approve the College’s proposal. 

Proposed federal endowment tax to affect College

(07/12/19 6:00am)

On June 28, the U.S. Treasury Department proposed rules for the excise tax on endowments on certain colleges and universities that was passed as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late 2017. The 58-page document clarified certain aspects of the policy to aid administrators in determining whether the tax applies to their institution and how much colleges owe. The 1.4 percent tax applies to private colleges and universities with at least 500 students and endowments worth at least $500,000 per student. Dartmouth’s over 6,000 students and more than $5 billion endowment puts it safely in this range, according to the College’s chief financial officer Mike Wagner, making it one of the 25-40 institutions the Internal Revenue Service expects to be affected by the tax.

Democracy and justice workshops begin

(07/12/19 6:00am)

Professors and individuals from a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, law, history and political science, were invited to the College to present and comment on papers for the Truth, Power and the Foundations of Democracy workshop series. The interdisciplinary project, organized by government professor Russell Muirhead and philosophy professor David Plunkett, held its first of three workshops this week.

Wellness Center report shows decrease in high-risk drinking

(07/05/19 6:00am)

The Student Wellness Center has recently released the second report of a series addressing the reduction of high-risk drinking and related harms at the College. The report, entitled, “Expanding the Healthy Majority,” focuses on how to increase the number of Dartmouth students who do not report high-risk drinking in the two weeks before polling. 

Hanover sees rise in town and campus parking prices

(07/05/19 6:20am)

Earlier this week, parking rates across Hanover were raised, including both in town-owned parking lots and the parking garage, as well as at meters throughout town. While not a flat raise across all spaces, some rates increased by over 50 percent and some even doubled. The town has also rolled out a mobile parking payment system called “ParkMobile” downtown.

UFC budget allocated

(07/05/19 6:05am)

The Undergraduate Finance Committee has announced its allocation of the $1,250,000 student activities budget for the fiscal year 2019-20, providing funding to 10 undergraduate student organizations. The budget increased by three percent this year, compared to last year’s 1.13 percent, and all organizations saw increases in their allocations.  

Election survey polls students' views on politics and ideological views

(06/28/19 6:00am)

Following one of the most divisive elections in recent memory, the 2020 presidential election looks to be a critical moment for American politics. One month ago, The Dartmouth conducted a poll recording the political and ideological views of Dartmouth’s student body. Now, after the first round of debates in the highly competitive Democratic Primary, we present some of its results. 

Former Sig Ep building will house Thought Project LLC

(06/28/19 6:20am)

When members of the Thought Project Living Learning Community return to campus this fall, they will not be moving to their expected housing in the McLaughlin Cluster. Members of the LLC will have been relocated to 11 Webster Avenue for the 2019-20 academic year, the building which housed Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity until it was placed on probation last fall. Thought Project members were informed of the news on Monday in an email from dean of residential life Mike Wooten.

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