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A Farewell to Sophomore Summer

(08/19/22 7:10am)

As I sat next to a four-foot teddy bear in my Greek house on a Monday night, I thought to myself: Is it really week nine? Time flies during every term, but sophomore summer was different. Last-minute stargazing trips to the golf course, Sunday evening bubblegum-colored skies, that one 5 a.m. walk with my roommate back home — it feels like just yesterday that I locked myself out of my off-campus apartment on my first day and had to break in through the kitchen window.

Learning to Accept the Ups and Downs: Reflections from a DOC Fifty Hiker

(08/19/22 7:15am)

When I envisioned my sophomore summer, I often pictured myself floating in a tube along the Connecticut River, snuggling up for cozy movie nights in my sorority and hanging out by a campfire with friends. I did not picture a summer in which I conquered many of my fears –– some which I didn’t even know I had before I got to campus this term –– but sometimes life twists and turns in ways you least expect. 

Q&A with jewelry studio director Jeff Georgantes

(08/19/22 7:05am)

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio, situated in the basement of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, provides an open studio space for students who are interested in making jewelry and metalsmithing. The space is equipped with student workbenches that feature a variety of jewelry-making tools, as well as professional jewelry artists and trained student assistants to mentor students hoping to learn more about the craft. The Dartmouth sat down with studio director Jeff Georgantes to learn more about what resources the space offers and how it contributes to the broader Dartmouth community.

A Tale of Wedding Tails

(08/05/22 7:15am)

In recent weeks, Greek houses across campus have been gathering amongst themselves for a classic Dartmouth tradition: wedding tails. The basic premise? A sorority and fraternity pair up, and one person from each house acts as a bride and groom, respectively. The two houses then host a faux wedding for their chosen couple, complete with an unofficial officiator, vows, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Down in the D-Plan Dumps

(08/05/22 7:10am)

Introduced in the 1970s when Dartmouth switched to a quarter system, the D-Plan has become a staple of Dartmouth, an idea almost as inseparable to our culture as bad mouthing FOCO. The plan requires you to take at least one off-term during either a fall, winter or spring term and take classes during one summer term, which most students choose to do after their sophomore year. 

Learning to Do Less

(07/22/22 6:15am)

I’ve never been great at time management. Like many people, I lie in bed at the end of the day thinking about what I could have done better — more efficiently — and running through the list of tasks I have yet to accomplish. Dartmouth’s quarter system puts an incredible amount of pressure on the limited amount of time in a day, squeezing one semester’s worth of the usual college timeline — lecture material, parties, laundry loads — into only ten weeks. I tend to miss the mark on time management, feeling like I’m losing touch with friendships or hobbies in the face of pressure to do it all. 

The Unspoken Challenge of Ledyard

(07/22/22 6:05am)

Although infamous among local police for its dangerous nature, the Ledyard Challenge is a beloved Dartmouth summer tradition. As legend has it, the Ledyard Challenge began in the early 90s after four students plunged into the Connecticut River, naked of course, and ran back across the Ledyard bridge. While two of the streakers managed to get away, the remaining two were not as lucky and were arrested by Hanover Police.  

Editor's Note

(07/08/22 7:00am)

The summer has finally arrived. For many Dartmouth students, that means a glimpse into the real world of internships and nine-to-five jobs in big, scary cities. For others, that means exploring the world or seeing old friends who have disappeared throughout the rigor of the Dartmouth year. But for the members of the Class of 2024 —  and a few ’23s sprinkled in —  sophomore summer has begun. And as we stumble into week four (how is it already week four?), we have all felt the change that sophomore summer brings. 

A Monumental Decision

(07/08/22 7:15am)

On June 24, the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade., consequently removing the constitutional right to an abortion. The decision sent reverberations around the world, including here at the College. The College released a statement in response to the decision, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire held a “Ban Off Our Bodies” rally on the Green and many students reacted to the monumental legislation change in their own way. 

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Spotlight on Summer Sailing Lessons

(07/08/22 7:05am)

Just 13 miles from campus on Mascoma Lake lies the Dartmouth Yacht Club. Home to a secluded beach and fleet of sailboats, the club also serves as the site of various instructional sailing programs during the summer months. This includes sailing camps for children, adult lessons and Dartmouth Physical Education sailing classes, which provide beginner sailing lessons to Dartmouth students.

The Chance to be a Star

(07/08/22 7:10am)

Sophomore summer has many long-lasting traditions, from well-known activities like the DOC Fifty hike and the Lou’s Challenge to more debaucherous ones like the Ledyard Challenge and  the annual Masters pong tournament. Yet, some of the most artistic of these traditions are the summer performance groups. For 10 weeks, many student-run performance groups open their doors to the broader student population — regardless of prior experience — allowing them to live out their fantasies of being dancers, comedians or singers.