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Food for Thought: Spotlight on Art History 38.04, ‘Food and Art: A Global History’

(10/11/23 5:52pm)

Upon first glance, ARTH 38.04, “Food and Art: A Global History,” may seem like your typical discussion-based course, with readings and class presentations taking center stage. But when I decided to sit in on the class, I found myself surrounded by students chopping apples and measuring salt onto small tasting plates. In small groups of three, students began rotating between stations, sampling different types of sugars, salts, maple syrups, spices and apples. Afterwards, they began to input their observations into a spreadsheet, including the color, flavor, smell and any other observations. 

Editors’ Note

(10/11/23 6:00am)

I am writing this from my favorite spot in Sanborn, people-watching and trying to distract myself from the mountain of work that is building on my to-do list. Now feels like an acceptable point in the term to start putting off work and ignoring emails. Just in time for midterms, am I right? This week marks the midpoint in the term, and yet there is still so much to look forward to. Homecoming, Halloween, the Harvard football game, my birthday… Something about turning 22 this week is giving me the Wednesday scaries, just slightly. 

’27s on Flair: ‘Extreme’ is the New Normal

(10/11/23 6:20am)

At an Ivy League college, it’s expected that students are stoically academic — laser-focused on their school work, careers and 10-year plans. And, although Dartmouth students are no exception, they can also be quirky. The same students that spend hours in the library also deck themselves out in neon tutus, fairy wings, glittery tops and 2010-esque leggings, dancing their hearts out in front of Robinson Hall during First-Year Trips. 

Paper vs. Screen: Note-taking at Dartmouth

(10/11/23 6:15am)

Glancing across a Dartmouth classroom, it can be hard not to notice the different ways students take notes. Some hands, with pen or pencil in hand, rapidly fly across a sheet of paper, while others quickly type on a keyboard. However a student takes notes, it is clear that note-taking is a central component of college life and essential to a student’s understanding of class material. Nonetheless, the introduction of new technology in the past few decades has drastically changed how students take notes. According to a survey of graduate students at the University of North Carolina, 63% of students now use digital technology in the classroom. But which method is the most effective? And beyond that, how much should you write, and when should you study your notes?

How to Have Your Dining Plan and Eat It Too

(10/11/23 6:30am)

Whether it be sipping on a latte at Novack or frequenting the stir-fry station at Foco, dining options are plentiful at Dartmouth. But choosing how and what to eat can prove to be difficult. How do you balance swipes at Foco with DBA at other cafes? How do you plan out your meals to deal with rising DDS prices and avoid ending up in negative DBA? And how do you fight (or perhaps lean into) the urge to ditch the on-campus options and venture into town? No matter the issue, navigating Dartmouth’s dining system requires consistent thought and effort to avoid unwanted hunger or food fatigue. Students must therefore ask themselves, how can I make the most of the dining options? 

Religion and Reflection on Campus

(10/11/23 2:26pm)

College can be a time of self-discovery and self-growth. Whether this means discovering new hobbies, trying a new area of study or exploring your sexuality, students learn a lot about themselves in four short years. While all of these shifts are widely acknowledged as part of the “college experience,” religion and spiritual growth are often overlooked, despite their significance. 

UGAs Share Dissatisfaction, Discuss Potential Plans to Unionize

(10/11/23 6:35am)

Being an undergraduate adviser takes a special kind of heroism. Imagine in a common room or basement, leading students in icebreakers or doling out instructions, only to receive blank stares and awkward silence back from their residents: This is a typical moment for many UGAs. But besides the more mundane moments, UGAs have the important responsibility to  mentor and care for their residents  while also enforcing College policies when trouble arises. This balance can be complicated, some UGAs said.  

Njaa: End Unnecessary Financial Barriers to Student Life

(10/10/23 8:15am)

In many aspects, Dartmouth culture is one of a kind in its ability to bring students of all backgrounds together and form a true community. While this in itself is undeniably incredible, such a diverse student body is inevitably going to have wealth gaps. For the most part, Dartmouth is working to address the wealth gap appropriately — seen recently in the elimination of laundry service fees and Good Samaritan Policy fees. However, the College still has a ways to go towards making the campus environment more equitable. As a freshman, I have been made most aware of this by the exorbitant prices for the Dartmouth Coach and the Ledyard canoe and kayak rentals, which represent both a necessary service — the Dartmouth Coach — and a leisure service, Ledyard water rentals. While these two examples are different, together they demonstrate how monopoly power in our campus’s secluded environment causes lower income students to be priced out of both necessary and leisure services and activities. 

Kalach: Balancing U.S.-Mexico Trade Amidst Shifting Ties with China

(10/10/23 8:05am)

As American companies seek to limit their exposure to the pitfalls of making goods in China, some are moving production to Mexico. This shift has bolstered trade between both nations, reaching a remarkable $462 billion in the first half of this year and crowning Mexico as America’s top trading partner. Chinese companies are also investing in Mexico, capitalizing on an extensive North American Free Trade Agreement, now known as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Following in the footsteps of Japanese and South Korean firms, Chinese companies are establishing manufacturing facilities in Mexico, enabling them to designate their products as “made in Mexico” before shipping them into the U.S. without import duties.

College’s housing policy changes follow years of student planning, community advocacy

(10/10/23 9:00am)

On Sept. 27, the College announced its intentions to construct a housing project for 250 to 300 undergraduate students on 25 West Wheelock Street, while the North End housing project on Lyme Road would transition from undergraduate to graduate student living facility.