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Vermont imposes travel restrictions on Grafton County

(10/23/20 6:05am)

After a recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Grafton County, the state of Vermont has implemented leisure travel restrictions against the area. Those who travel between Vermont and Grafton County, which Vermont has designated a “quarantine county,” for non-essential purposes have been asked to quarantine upon arrival in Vermont. 

de Wolff: In-Person Classes Were Possible

(10/22/20 6:00am)

With winter term course selection coming up soon, it’s time for Dartmouth to rethink its decision to continue holding the majority of classes over Zoom. Currently, there are only 23 fully in-person classes offered. While there are only a limited number of classrooms able to hold socially distanced classes, there are 36 spaces on campus that can hold more than 13 socially distanced students at any given time. Dartmouth should fully utilize these spaces to provide students with a break from the strain of Zoom classes. The way forward is clear: Dartmouth should hold as many in-person classes as possible next term.

The D-Constructed Cook: Essential Cookware for an Off Term

(10/22/20 6:00am)

Despite its variable reviews, Dartmouth Dining is undoubtedly reliable. Quick snack? Check out Collis. Need to refuel after a workout? Foco has a bounty of options. We are nurtured in the womb that is Dartmouth, and when we leave, we are left to fend for ourselves. Outside of the bubble, we face the unforgiving reality of having to cook for ourselves.

Comfort in the Unexpected: ’24s Meet the ‘Sun God’

(10/21/20 6:20am)

I thought I knew exactly what to expect from my freshman fall. I had meticulously read the COVID-19 regulations, researched campus culture and tempered my idealistic visions into a pretty realistic picture of how the term would materialize. But Dartmouth has a way of throwing surprises at us. I hadn’t expected midnight CVS runs to be so crucial to my survival, nor to find such sheer joy in eating maple-flavored cotton candy. 

Editors' Note

(10/21/20 6:00am)

The election is coming up, midterms are in full swing, the new season of “The Bachelorette” has started — oh, and it’s week six. At times it feels like the term is flying by, whether that means realizing we’re past the halfway mark and your professor still doesn’t know your name, or coming to terms with the fact that you’re never actually going to “catch up” on lost sleep. 

Levy: No Role Models

(10/20/20 6:00am)

Although the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 a pandemic back in March, Congress has yet to implement a widespread testing program — even after an outbreak of COVID-19 in the White House in early October left three Republican senators (and the president) infected with the virus. As of now, tests are only offered to those who have symptoms or who believe they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. Not only does Congress' failure to implement regular, widespread testing put the lives of congresspeople and thousands more at risk, but it sets a dangerously negligent example for the rest of the nation.