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BVAC donor Leon Black ’73 under scrutiny for ties to Jeffrey Epstein

(10/23/20 6:10am)

Leon Black ’73, a former College Trustee and namesake of the Black Family Visual Arts Center, maintained a business relationship with the late financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein was first convicted of sex-related crimes in 2008, according to a report by The New York Times. Black is facing subpoenas from U.S. Virgin Islands officials as part of their investigation into Epstein’s estate.

Teszler: Beware the GOP’s Climate Ambivalence

(10/19/20 6:00am)

Amid the general turmoil of the first presidential debate, it was easy to miss that Donald Trump made a truly extraordinary statement for a Republican president — when asked if human pollution contributes to climate change, he said “I think a lot of things do, but I think to an extent, yes.” Eight days later, Vice President Mike Pence said that the Trump administration will “always follow the science” on climate change. 

Review: Joji’s ‘Nectar’ feels forgettable save for a few standout tracks

(10/19/20 6:00am)

Over the past few years, former YouTube star George Miller — better known as Joji — has become one of the most popular internet artists in the mainstream world of music. Given his background, a career in serious music sounds unlikely; under his YouTube personality “Filthy Frank,” Joji was known for his dark, gross-out humor and his wild alter ego, Pink Guy. However, Joji’s transition from fringe YouTube comedian to mainstream R&B artist was more successful than anyone could have imagined.

Verbum Ultimum: Release the Numbers

(10/16/20 6:30am)

As part of Dartmouth’s reopening plan, the College made clear that it would have little tolerance for violations of its COVID-19 “Community Expectations.” Dean of the College Kathryn Lively warned in August that students who engaged in behavior that violated the agreement would immediately “lose the privilege of campus enrollment” for the rest of the year. 

Towle: A Weak Welcome

(10/16/20 6:00am)

After several college tours, the campuses I visited began to blur together into an indecipherable mix of bookstores and brick buildings. My final tour provided a stark contrast. While not so different from others in architecture or scenery, Dartmouth’s welcoming atmosphere left a memorable first impression. Students, faculty and community members alike greeted me on my tour throughout campus and seemed genuinely eager to see and talk to me. Within my first 10 minutes on Dartmouth’s campus, I knew I was home.

Dartmouth prepares for cold and flu season

(10/16/20 6:10am)

As winter approaches, public health officials have expressed concerns about the potential for a hard-hitting flu season coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Daniela Augusti, associate director of nursing at Dick’s House, the College has administered 2,715 flu shots so far this term with the campus at partial capacity, compared to 3,022 total last year.

Porscha Dobson hired as new track and field and cross country director

(10/16/20 6:00am)

Porscha Dobson has been named the new director of Dartmouth’s track and field and cross country programs. After coaching for eight years at the University of Pennsylvania, first as an assistant coach and then as assistant head coach for the past two years, Dobson was hired by Dartmouth in September after Barry Harwick ’77 announced his retirement in August.

Spring international programs remain ‘unlikely,’ domestic off-campus programs face potential modifications

(10/15/20 6:20am)

International off-campus programs planned for this spring are “unlikely” to proceed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, according to Guarini Institute for International Education executive director John Tansey. The outlook for spring domestic off-campus programs also remains uncertain, though several program directors have expressed hopes to continue with adapted plans.