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"SpeakOut" project to provide oral history of LGBTQIA community members

(10/31/18 7:00am)

The Rauner Special Collections Library has partnered with the Dartmouth LGBTQIA+ Alum Association (DGALA) to launch SpeakOut, an oral history project in which faculty, alumni and students are interviewed regarding their experiences with the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. The interviews, conducted by a team of approximately 10 students, feature Dartmouth graduates ranging from the 1950s and 1960s to the most recent classes.

Reflecting on the Freshman Frat Ban

(10/31/18 6:00am)

We are often attracted to uncanny situations. Stories with ghosts, the reanimated dead and unexplainable mysteries have become a vital part of our popular culture during this time of the year. During special days such as Halloween and Friday the thirteenth, people intentionally create unsettling environments. For example, they may organize events such as haunted houses in order to be fully immersed in discomforting surroundings. Similarly, Dartmouth students may find interactions scary or unsettling at places such as Greek houses. Even though Greek houses are often stereotyped as being a place for parties or social gatherings, these houses do sometimes create a somewhat troubling environment for students who are not used to a scene of hard partying.

Halloweens of Dartmouth's Past

(10/31/18 6:10am)

What are you doing for Halloween? It’s a simple question, but one that Dartmouth students often have trouble answering. Perhaps that’s because Halloween usually comes at the end of the notorious “midterm season,” only for finals season to follow in its footsteps. Maybe, instead, it’s because Halloween seems to always trail Homecoming weekend and a hybrid “Hallow-homecoming weekend” is just too much to handle. 

Verbum Ultimum: Say It Like You Mean It

(10/30/18 6:20am)

Last Saturday, 11 Jewish congregants were murdered and six others were injured as they worshipped at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The Anti-Defamation League believes it was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history. Last Wednesday, two black people were shot and killed in a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky. Authorities are currently investigating the murders as a hate crime; before the shooting, the alleged shooter tried to enter a predominantly black church but was unable to get inside. Across last week, explosive devices were mailed to more than dozen prominent individuals and organizations — including former U.S. President Barack Obama, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, billionaire and liberal donor George Soros, and CNN — who have criticized President Donald Trump. These actions were disgusting examples of hate crimes and politicized violence, and the Editorial Board stands in solidarity with the victims.