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Faculty re-organize Dartmouth's AAUP chapter

(06/29/18 6:45am)

A re-established Dartmouth chapter of the American Association of University Professors was unveiled at a general faculty meeting. According to co-president of the Dartmouth chapter of the AAUP and history professor Annelise Orleck, the current chapter is focused on advocating for faculty and introducing proposals on issues such as the tenure process and academic freedom.

Whalen resigns amidst review for alleged sexual misconduct

(06/26/18 4:35pm)

Psychological and brain sciences professor Paul Whalen has resigned from the College effective immediately following an investigation into his behavior for allegations of sexual misconduct by a College-appointed external investigator. Professor Bill Kelley of the PBS department, who was also investigated for sexual misconduct, remains under review.

College must alter design of Homecoming bonfire to receive town permit

(06/26/18 2:27am)

On May 29, Hanover officials emailed the College notifying them that unless changes are made to the design and implementation of the College’s traditional Homecoming bonfire, the Town of Hanover will not sign an outdoor activities permit for it. On June 25, the College appointed a working group to design an alternative bonfire design that town officials can approve of. The working group is chaired by associate professor of engineering Douglas Van Citters and consists of representatives from College faculty and staff, alumni and Dartmouth Safety and Security. At least two members of the Class of 2020 and two alumni will also be appointed.

The Accidental Fan: My Boy Benny

(06/22/18 6:00am)

Sports can be polarizing. Either two people root for competing teams or enjoy completely different sports, while in other cases, one person is a fan, and another is not. There is also a perceived tension between those who like the arts and humanities versus those who like sports. While people can like both, examples of harmony between the two in popular media are rare. In high school, I was one of those people who participated in the arts and did not care about sports. I knew people who liked both or were high school athletes, but I never took any interest. More recently, however, I have discovered several entry points for the casual fan and have had a lot of interesting sports experiences along the way. This column will explore the position of casual fans as well as the complex culture surrounding sports.

Letter to the Editor: End Campus Hunger

(06/22/18 6:10am)

Last week, Harvard professor Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack visited the College to discuss the growing food insecurity epidemic within higher education. He, like many of today’s students, lacked an adequate supply of nutritious, affordable food in college. During his talk, the audience affirmed his call to end campus hunger. No one transitioned to discuss solutions.

Lincoln: Into the Woods

(06/22/18 6:30am)

Remember when those WOODS shirts exploded across campus last year? Suddenly, half of the student body started wearing the shirts like they were the newest Vineyard Vines release. Or what about the Patagonia shirts that fit seamlessly into Dartmouth’s unofficial uniform of school merchandise and outdoorsy clothes? Their popularity, and even the idea to produce them in the first place, is the product of students who romanticize Dartmouth’s place in the wilderness.

Geisel receives grant for opioid abuse research

(06/22/18 7:10am)

Researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine have been awarded a four-year, $5.3 million Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute grant to study the effectiveness of various medication-assisted treatment models for opioid use disorder in pregnant women. PCORI is a non-profit organization authorized by Congress whose purpose is to fund health care-related research.

Professor publishes book on 2016 election

(06/22/18 7:00am)

Many journalists and scholars have sought to explain what happened over the course of the 2016 election season, which culminated in Republican nominee Donald Trump winning the presidential election. In his new book “American Discontent: The Rise of Trump and Decline of the Golden Age,” Dartmouth sociology professor John Campbell looks at Trump’s victory through the larger context of trends spanning the past 50 years.

DAX Digital Arts eXpo will display interdisciplinary creativity

(06/22/18 6:50am)

This Friday and Saturday, visitors of the Black Family Visual Arts Center will be greeted by a maze of masking tape and musical equipment as they enter the atrium. What is usually a popular study space among students is undergoing a transformation into an audio-visual gallery in preparation for the DAX+ Digital Arts eXpo, a showcase featuring work by Dartmouth students, faculty and critically-acclaimed guest artists.

‘The Incredibles 2’ is an ambitious sequel packed with excitement

(06/22/18 6:40am)

As any fan who grew up with the 2004 Pixar animated classic will be happy to tell you, “The Incredibles” was always primed for a sequel. For 14 long years, children of the early 2000s wondered why “Cars,” “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters, Inc.” were all granted sequels and prequels, but a follow-up film for our favorite superhero family seemed to permanently languish in development hell. Regardless about how you feel about each of those films and their subsequent franchises, they are all self-contained stories. Sequels may not have detracted from the originals, but they also never truly enhanced them. The ending of “The Incredibles,” on the other hand, begged for closure. But director Brad Bird deliberated, instead choosing to direct “Ratatouille,” “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” and “Tomorrowland.”