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Woman killed, son in custody after Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center shooting

(09/13/17 8:05am)

A 70-year-old woman was killed at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon Tuesday afternoon, prompting an active shooter alert and the evacuation of the hospital. A suspect, the victim’s son, was taken into custody that afternoon and is expected to be arraigned Wednesday morning. The investigation is ongoing, and the hospital has returned to normal operations.

Simineri: Burst the Bubble

(09/12/17 4:50am)

Welcome to the Dartmouth bubble! Or that’s what they call it, anyway. For you first-years here, if you haven’t heard this expression yet, you will very soon. You are, after all, in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire, population you. Despite the fact that I am now an alumna who graduated this past spring, the expression continues to follow me even now. I finally “escaped the Dartmouth bubble,” one person congratulates me, while another chimes, “Welcome to the real world.”

Huebner: Making Trips Better

(09/12/17 4:35am)

As a volunteer for Dartmouth’s First-Year Trips program, I would often joke with co-volunteers that Trips runs like a well-oiled machine. A million logistical nightmares are averted by tightly adhering to daily schedules and deferring to time-honored protocol. Many upperclassmen look fondly on the traditions that the ’21s have just been indoctrinated into: Being greeted in Hanover by students in bewildering outfits, dancing to “Everytime We Touch,” enjoying Annie’s macaroni and cheese and laughing at the antics of Dr. Schlitz in “Schlitz on Mount Washington” after a warm meal at the “Lodj.”

Childhood nostalgia makes “It” a satisfying end-of-summer flick

(09/12/17 4:00am)

A jam-packed movie theater at an evening showing of a horror movie on its opening weekend is not an atypical sight in a suburban Pennsylvania town. Total silence in that theater, however, is an atypical sound. This incongruity illustrated the success of the latest film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It.”

Q&A with Rockefeller deputy director Sadhana Hall

(09/12/17 6:00am)

As the deputy director of the Rockefeller Center, Sadhana Hall has developed initiatives for fostering student leaders such as the Management and Leadership Development Program and the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program. Prior to coming Dartmouth in 2004, Hall spent 20 years working on health, agriculture and water resources around the world in places like Tuvalu, Bhutan and the Caucasus. Domestically, she has worked on expanding healthcare services to underprivileged communities in New Hampshire.

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