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Upperclassmen shed light on performance group auditions

(09/14/16 4:00am)

Whether first-year students have been dreaming of joining the Aires since their first solo in their high school choir, curious about Ujima since the dance showcase or thinking they might just wing it at the Dog Day Players auditions, the start of classes brings with it the first opportunity for first-years to show off their talents to student performance groups at Dartmouth. As auditions kick into gear, upperclassmen in performance groups share their own audition experiences and wisdom with the arts section.

Opinion Asks

(09/15/16 4:30am)

We asked our opinion staff: "In the U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of institutions with the best undergraduate teaching, Dartmouth placed seventh, down from placing second last year. Do you agree with this ranking, and if so how can Dartmouth improve its undergraduate teaching?"

Solomon: Sick Politics

(09/15/16 4:30am)

President Barack Obama’s gray hair, tired eyes and wrinkled forehead tell us one thing: leading this country, carrying its weight on your shoulders and pushing it through all the hurdles that come its way is not easy. His job demands an incredible amount of stamina — enough to travel to multiple countries in a week, giving speeches in all of them while making monumental military decisions and staying on top of domestic issues. It demands the agility and intellectual capacity to process information quickly, make swift yet calculated decisions and handle almost inhumane levels of stress.

Q&A with Janice McCabe

(09/14/16 4:20am)

Before I was called into sociology professor Janice McCabe’s airy office for our interview, I thought she was talking with a student. I was surprised to find that the voice I had heard was coming from her computer. She was listening to a voice recording from an interview with a Dartmouth student talking about friendship — the subject of McCabe’s forthcoming and first book, “Connecting in College: How Friendship Networks Matter for Academic and Social Success,” which will be published this year. McCabe has been collecting information about how Dartmouth students make friends. I was curious how this book and her previous article, “Friendship Talk as Identity Work: Defining the Self through Friend Relationships,” shed light on how people grapple with their individuality while making friends.

DFS fall series deals with themes from hit musical ‘Hamilton’

(09/13/16 4:01am)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit show “Hamilton” (2015), a hip hop-based musical about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, has captured the hearts of people everywhere, and the Dartmouth Film Society is no exception. Every term, the society, among other tasks, organizes and presents a film series based around a theme. This term’s film theme is entitled “Hamilton’s America.”

Film Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’ (2016) leaves you out of breath

(09/13/16 4:01am)

“Don’t Breathe” (2016) is the second feature film from co-writer and director Fede Alvarez, who also co-wrote and directed a reboot of “Evil Dead” (2013). Fans who enjoyed the unique interpretation of traditional horror in the reboot will love the similar spin to the genre that Alvarez brings to “Don’t Breathe.”