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Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity hosts community discussion on race and safety at the College

(11/17/15 2:28am)

Students and administrators gathered Monday night at Cutter-Shabazz Hall for an “emergency meeting” organized by Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity, a Latino fraternity, to speak about racial issues they have faced both on and off campus. The meeting was sparked by the alleged assault of Geovanni Cuevas ’14 at the Latinx Ivy League Conference at Brown University last Saturday.

General faculty vote 174-9 in support of stand-alone graduate school

(11/17/15 2:27am)

The College’s general faculty voted to advise the faculties of Arts and Sciences and the professional schools to recommend to College President Phil Hanlon that he ask the Board of Trustees to create a School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth at the annual general faculty meeting in Alumni Hall on Monday.

Jeon: Cherishing Bodies of Color

(11/17/15 1:35am)

In Toni Morrison’s 1970 novel “The Bluest Eye,” the young black female protagonist, Pecola Breedlove, longs for a pair of blue eyes. She sees white features à la Shirley Temple as inherently more beautiful and valuable than hers. Pecola’s self-loathing is made all the more heartbreaking by her mother’s reminders that she is an ugly, unlovable child. The internalized racism and colorism portrayed in the novel are topics seldom discussed among people of color in the United States and abroad. Yet I have seen how these destructive sentiments permeate the fabric of American and Korean societies, and no doubt they affect many others as well.

Beechert: Europe's Border-Free Folly

(11/17/15 1:31am)

Islamic terrorism has reared its ugly head once again, and indeed in spectacular fashion. The Nov. 13 attacks in Paris — the heart of Europe, a jewel of art and culture and a birthplace of modern democracy — gave the world a startling and unambiguous wake-up call. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and its accomplices, who seek to destroy all that Westerners hold dear, will not be content to lead the Middle East into ruin. They want to and have the capacity to take the fight to us, knowing full well that the relative complacency of the United States and Europe has made them easy targets. The failure of Western governments to decisively eradicate the nascent infestation of ISIS years ago — and their idiotic policy of “containment” that followed — have come home to roost.

Volleyball loses to Yale in five-sets, falls out of first in Ivy League

(11/16/15 11:30pm)

After a victory over Brown University in five sets on Friday helped move the team into a tie for first in the Ivy League, the women’s volleyball team followed with a five-set loss against Yale University in its final game of the season on Saturday, dropping the team out of Ivy League title contention and an opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament.

How Will Your Political Beliefs Change Through College?

(11/16/15 1:33pm)

College is a time when people's political views separate from those of their parents. They branch out, experiment with new ideologies and authors and eventually form ideas of their own. A person who comes into college a conservative may leave an ardent left-winger, but someone who enters as a moderate liberal may end up a conservative. So how will college treat your views? See where you were when you entered and follow the flowchart to determine your ideological destiny.

Sonic Space: HOLYCHILD

(11/16/15 12:56pm)

For my last review of the term (!!!), I’m shamelessly plugging one of my favorite acts, HOLYCHILD. The electro-pop duo out of California recently released their first full-length album, “The Shape of Brat Pop to Come” (2015). The two define themselves as “brat pop,” which (as far as I can tell) is a combination of upbeat tracks and perturbing lyrics. “Brat pop” is energetic, there are no slow jams or ballads on the album, but it has a dark bite to it. The staccato electronics warble and sharp, occasionally clipped vocals evoke a seedy, wired underworld.

Geovanni Cuevas '14 alleges assault by Brown University security officer

(11/16/15 12:51am)

Geovanni Cuevas ’14 said that he was assaulted by a Brown University Department of Public Safety officer while representing Dartmouth as a senior delegate at the annual Latinx Ivy League Conference, hosted this weekend by Brown. The incident took place just after midnight on Saturday morning at a party hosted by Brown’s Machado house, a space for students interested in Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Delaney Anderson will start work as WISE campus advocate

(11/16/15 12:47am)

Delaney Anderson began working with survivors of sexual assault when she herself was in college. Since then, she has traveled from campus to campus to learn more about the overlap between college environments and sexual assault and to serve survivors. Now she has come to Dartmouth to serve as WISE campus advocate through a formal partnership that bridges WISE of the Upper Valley and Dartmouth students.

College program promotes STEM in rural libraries

(11/16/15 12:45am)

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dartmouth a $3 million five-year grant to turn small, rural libraries around the nation into STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — learning centers. This project, called “Rural Gateways,” is led by mathematics and computer science professor Daniel Rockmore and co-investigators Karen Brown of Dominican University, John Falk of Oregon State University and Meighan Maloney of Dawson Media Group.