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Student leaders talk sexual assault

(10/12/14 10:41pm)

Sixty student leaders of clubs, sports teams and Greek organizations discussed sexual violence on campus in Collis Common Ground on Saturday as part of Student Assembly’s “It’s On Us” campaign. The campaign, a White House initiative to provide federal support for student-led prevention and awareness efforts, required its partner organizations on each campus —in Dartmouth’s case, Student Assembly—to host a roundtable attended by a range of student groups.

Faculty spending leans Democratic

(10/12/14 10:40pm)

Midterm elections are looming, and Dartmouth employees and affiliates have donated more than $66,000 to political campaigns in the 2013-14 election cycle. U.S. Rep. Ann McLane Kuster ’78, D-N.H., and the National Republican Senatorial Committee were the largest recipients, each collecting $20,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization dedicated to exposing money’s influence in Congress.

Miller: Beating Big Brother Back

(10/12/14 8:37pm)

Although last year’s NSA scandal has largely faded from the news, the U.S. government’s strong-arming of technology companies that have million of users’ private information has not ended. Last December, Facebook, Microsoft and Google joined other technology companies in lobbying President Barack Obama to reform government surveillance practices. Last week, Twitter filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government to further the coalition’s goal of increasing the amount of information companies can provide to their users with regard to government information requests.

Yuan: Wrongful Response

(10/12/14 8:36pm)

Anyone in America connected to the Internet now knows about Ebola; media outlets have tracked the disease in the U.S. nonstop for the past few weeks. With this continued media attention, Ebola has been portrayed to the general public as easily infectious and deadly. But this focus on Ebola in the U.S. is completely disproportionate to the amount of U.S. cases.

Adel ’84 makes art with talent, humor

(10/12/14 7:30pm)

Daniel Adel ’84 is known for his stunning portraitures and hilariously accurate caricatures. Adel has exhibited his work in New York for decades as well as painted portraits of CEOs, university presidents and well-known judges. His illustrations have been featured in the New Yorker and the New York Times, and he drew the Time Magazine cover designating George W. Bush “Person of the Year” in 2004. Adel currently lives and works in Provence, France.

Distrust spouses, neighbors in ‘Gone Girl’

(10/12/14 7:30pm)

David Fincher’s famous works center around the psychologically perverse, presenting the warpath left behind not by villains donning capes or masks, but by those hiding among us. John Doe (“Se7en” (1995)), Tyler Durden (“Fight Club” (1999)) and the Zodiac killer (“Zodiac” (2007)) are all highly calculating, sadistic and nearly invisible murderers who nihilistically revel in the ensuing chaos. Fincher’s “Gone Girl” (2014) adds another volume to his oeuvre of highly successful thrillers, based off the hit 2012 novel by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote the film’s screenplay. Flynn altered the ending to compel the book’s fans to the theater. I haven’t read the book, which left me blissfully unaware of comparisons and fully gripped by the film.