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Yuan: Getting Gateway Right

(10/27/14 10:39pm)

Two years ago, my U.S. history teacher told us on the first day of class that he would quiz us before teaching the material. We were expected to read the textbook and learn the material beforehand, and after the quiz he would deepen our understanding of the material, fleshing out what we had read and addressing misconceptions. I was initially terrified — the thought of being tested on something before he taught it felt unfair and daunting. But after we had our first quiz, I realized that this method of teaching was far superior to the traditional lecture-then-quiz method.

Smith: Take Action Now

(10/27/14 10:38pm)

The Dartmouth editorial board’s Homecoming Verbum Ultimum about eliminating the Greek system caused a firestorm, but it provided neither a viable nor an intelligent solution. Logistically, eliminating the Greek system is not a simple press of the button — among other things, many Greek houses are privately owned and financed, and severing them from the College would also sever the College’s ability to regulate them. Beta Theta Pi was able to return from its “permanent ban” as Beta Alpha Omega because the College had no viable way of preventing members from re-occupying the building their organization owned.

SPCSA releases recommendations

(10/26/14 10:16pm)

The Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault published its 2014 recommendations Friday morning, calling for the College to release more comprehensive data on sexual violence, support Greek organizations that wish to become co-ed and ban Bored at Baker, among other suggestions. The 21 recommendations cover prevention, education about and response to sexual violence.

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