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Smith: America the Oligarchy

(10/28/14 7:34pm)

There are a few things in which a stressed out college student can take pleasure: cancelled 10 a.m. classes, vending machine Reese’s and most importantly, melting into your bed to watch movie trailers on YouTube. Unfortunately, lately I have found my cinematic pursuits delayed for 30 miserable seconds as a question I never asked is answered for me: just how often did Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., vote with President Obama? “House of Cards” should be the only political intrigue included in my Internet downtime, but the prevalence of YouTube attack ads shows just how absurd the entire system of campaign finance has become. With midterm elections looming, it has become harder than ever to escape the volley of attack ads that fly back and forth between congressional candidates. This is symptomatic of a much larger problem (not that these ads delaying my watching of the “Avengers 2” trailer isn’t a big deal). The real issue is the amount of money that has permeated our electoral system and the undue influence individuals with money have over electoral politics. Right before our eyes, the electoral system has become an oligarchy run by wealthy individuals and political action committees.

Salovaara: An Interconnected System

(10/28/14 7:32pm)

It seems inevitable that the administration will soon wield its big, green sledgehammer and smash the Greek system to smithereens. As an unaffiliated student, I used to be confident in saying that — no matter what happens — it won’t matter to me. But as the tensions rise, I find myself unable to ignore my intense sympathy with both armies on this epic battlefield.

Student Spotlight: Desmond Fambrini '16

(10/28/14 7:13pm)

Desmond Fambrini ’16 said he realized the significance of the performing arts in his life while he was deciding where to attend college. Having danced for more than a decade, performing with the Oakland chapter of Culture Shock Dance Troupe and participating in various national and international dance competitions, he knew that he wanted to continue to perform and sought a college that fit both his academic and creative needs. Dartmouth was and continues to be this school, he said.

Dartmouth Admissions: Part Four

(10/28/14 2:30pm)

I have decided to officially nominate Kanye Westto be the unofficial frontman of this column. Not just because my friend sent me thisthe other day, but because he never gets embarrassed, he is honest with himselfand he alwaysloveshimself. He doesn’t take shitfrom anyone and he never fails to let people know how he feels about them. If Kanye went to Dartmouth he would dancelike no one was watching at Sig Ep’s Pop-Punk party, be that kid who corrects the teacher in the middle of class,and generally do “dope shit.”I am most certain Kanye would admit something to me with his face like thisto drive home the point that he is a god.

Eight Recipes to Bring Autumn to Your Heart (and Stomach)

(10/28/14 8:00am)

You know it’s fall when the good ol’ PSL is back in every coffee shop and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by all things made of apple and squash. Autumn is the best season for comfort food – everything is warm and cozy, from soups and stews to pies and pastries. Whether you’re a die-hard sweet tooth or tend to fall along the more savory side of things, we’ve rounded up four of the best recipes for each category to keep your appetite satisfied and warm as the temperatures drop.

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