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Through The Looking Glass: Maintaining Sanity

(11/07/14 1:44am)

Self-care at Dartmouth is hard, especially as someone who transferred here from an institution that let me count classes like “Math 120: Appreciation of Math” toward a degree my freshman year. I used to have time for two naps, a four-mile run and a Zumba class every day on top of my schoolwork, and I assumed that was just what college was like. It was with this mindset that I arrived in Hanover last fall.

Boots and Rallies

(11/07/14 1:40am)

In my second year at the Delaware Advanced Institute for Unreality Studies, the Blockor Memorial Art and Artifice Speculum, where I worked as a work-study student attendant, hosted a special exhibition entitled “Space Astonishes!” — an exploration by several musicians and visual artists of the aesthetic category of the sublime.

Verbum Ultimum: Open to Change

(11/07/14 1:38am)

On Monday, the faculty of arts and sciences voted to open course reviews to students during course election period. We commend professors for taking this step, and we look forward to choosing our classes with more information. The long-overdue measure should better inform student choices and incentivize both more effective teaching from professors and more thoughtful evaluations from students.

Green: Beyond Intervention

(11/07/14 1:37am)

Students who rushed this fall attended an hourlong Dartmouth Bystander Intervention session, which focused on how individuals can prevent sexual assault on campus. The program I attended focused narrowly one kind of sexual assault: those that result from predatory men preying on incapacitated women. Per my recollection, the program did not allude to the possibility of a male victim. And the presenters did not provide definitions for words like rape, sexual assault and consent in their conversations about sexual assault.

Perez: Faulty Faculty Thinking

(11/05/14 11:39pm)

Earlier this week, faculty members joined in on the voting hoopla, granting students access to course evaluations. This was not the meeting’s only outcome. Soon thereafter, the faculty voted on abolishing the College’s Greek system. 116 faculty members voted to abolish the Greek system, and 13 members voted to preserve it. Three abstained. This outcome was not unexpected, and previous votes have yielded similar results. In 2001, the faculty voted 92-0 in support of abolishing the Greek system.