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COSSA report targets high-risk student behavior

(11/18/13 8:22pm)

After College President Phil Hanlon’s speech about his vision for an improved campus culture on Monday, Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson led a discussion focused on the Committee on Student Safety and Accountability’s final report, which was released on Friday in a campus-wide email. Faculty members had mixed reactions to the report’s findings.

Registrar misassigns students to winter classes

(11/18/13 8:20pm)

Some students were left scrambling to register for classes after they found out they had been dropped from the ones in which they had originally been enrolled. The registrar, Meredith Braz, sent an email on Nov. 13 informing some students that had been mistakenly placed in various classes as a result of a computer system error that failed to account for upperclassmen’s priority in course registration.

Kamin: Purposeful Discourse

(11/18/13 7:09pm)

You may have noticed the posters around campus in the days leading up to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s visit last week, which defined him and the state of Israel exclusively by apartheid and war crimes. At the lecture itself, a small group of students staged a protest by falling to the ground and screaming, representing those who died at the hands of Israel’s military during Olmert’s time as prime minister. These students’ actions demonstrated a tremendous frustration with the ongoing occupation, which I share. But I fear that any productive discourse on the need to work toward the rights of Palestinians was lost in theatrics and buried underneath simplistic and misguided slogans such as “Israel: apartheid state.”

Verbum Ultimum: Searching for Substance

(11/18/13 6:56pm)

On Monday afternoon, College President Phil Hanlon spoke to the faculty regarding student life. His speech focused on residential life and student safety. While Hanlon articulated some good points, many of his statements, especially those pertaining to residential life, lacked specifics. We are left eagerly anticipating more discussion of these ideas in the coming months.

More than a Game

(11/18/13 6:38pm)

All term, we have been selecting topics for this column that we hope appealed to casual sports lovers, sports fanatics and people who only witness sports as they flip through television channels. While professional sports and varsity athletics take the spotlight most of the time, this article goes out to all the gym rats out there.

Enten '11 to join FiveThirtyEight blog

(11/17/13 11:02pm)

When he was a sophomore, Harry Enten ’11 spent an hour and a half each day composing daily weather reports, interspersed with personal anecdotes and commentary about his day. He emailed them out each day to friends, professors and other community members. His passion for statistical analysis, whether used in weather forecasting or political commentary, was nourished at the College and will inform his work as the lead writer for politics on Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.

Daily Debriefing

(11/17/13 11:01pm)

A survey conducted by the Labor Department found that more women than men have recovered their jobs since the recession, The Wall Street Journal reported. Today, approximately 67.5 million women have jobs, an increase from the previous record-high 67.4 million in early 2008. In contrast, 69 million men have jobs, slightly lower than the 70.9 million peak in mid-2007. A separate survey shows that the unemployment rate for women, at 6.9 percent, is slightly lower than the 7.6 percent rate for men. The trend can be partially explained by the disproportionate effects of the recession on different industries. The recession had the biggest impact on the male-dominated construction and manufacturing sectors, while female-dominated fields such as education, health and hospitality have weathered the effects of the economic downturn relatively well.