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Brooks: A Bystander On The Inside

(11/06/13 7:34pm)

“Why do you think you’re here?” Two students filming a documentary on student veterans asked me this in a recent interview. All student veterans have asked each other the same question when contemplating our place at Dartmouth. Veterans are an interesting group in society. We receive protection based on a status we once held — even firefighters and police officers are not afforded this special status. The College wants us to provide diversity in a similar fashion that other students do, which is sometimes an odd situation to be in. I’d prefer to be viewed as Dave rather than solely as a veteran. I’m a veteran, student, son, brother, musician, fraternity brother and writer, among other things.

Task force hears student opinions on faith, service

(11/06/13 12:15am)

`A task force to assess the Tucker Foundation’s mission, structure and leadership held an open forum to solicit student feedback on Tuesday. The audience, composed mostly of task force members and students affiliated with the foundation, discussed the possible separation of the religious and social justice aspects of the foundation and potential strategies to expose a wider range of students to opportunities made available by the organization. The forum is among a number of task force meetings, many of which have been private.

Daily Debriefing

(11/05/13 11:56pm)

College students check their cellphones during class an average of 11 times each day, according to a new study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Just 8 percent of students said they never look at their phones when they should be paying attention in class and just more than half said they do so out of boredom, The Huffington Post reported. Of students surveyed, 86 percent look at their phones to text and two-thirds look at their phones to check their email or social networks. While the majority of students believe Internet-capable electronics interfere with learning, less than 5 percent labeled them major distractions and 91 percent would oppose banning them in the classroom.

Bronski, Amico '07 co-author book dispelling LGBT myths

(11/05/13 11:47pm)

With the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community increasingly in the media spotlight, addressing myths about the LGBT community is more necessary than ever, according to three scholarly, activist minds behind the recently published book “‘You Can Tell Just By Looking’ and 20 Other Myths About LGBT Life and People.”

FOCUS app helps mentally ill patients

(11/05/13 11:30pm)

While the app is tailored to problems of psychosis, certain functions of the app, such as reminders about taking medication or regulating mood and sleep, can be useful for any sort of illness, Ben-Zeev said. Its content and functionality are tailored to people with schizophrenia and suffering from auditory hallucinations. The app is being developed by the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, a subset of the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Termly Hood parties allow students to engage with museum’s art

(11/05/13 11:00pm)

In an attempt to bring more undergraduates through its tall glass doors into its serene, red-walled interior, the Hood Museum of Art sponsors termly parties where visitors can enjoy the Hood’s varied collections in a relaxed, festive environment. This fall, the Hood sponsored two parties to welcome new and old students, most recently on Friday.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The Claftin Jewelry Studio

(11/05/13 10:48pm)

While most installments of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” are written in efforts to encourage exploration of the Upper Valley beyond Hanover, today’s column focuses on a little gem right here on campus. The Claftin Jewelry Studio, tucked away in the basement of the Hop, provides a creative escape from the world of problem sets and papers. If you’re not looking for the jewelry studio, you probably won’t find it ­­­— it occupies a less-trodden basement space in the Hop opposite the Paddock Music Library, but its relative isolation is a big part of its allure. I first discovered the jewelry studio my freshmen spring through word from a friend, and have been back several times since.