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Artist-in-residence Matalon displays 30-year art survey

(10/03/12 2:00am)

Her interest in the exhibit was driven by a desire to see the full breadth of the time span in which she has been an artist, according to Matalon. Viewing art as an ongoing process, Matalon said she believes that even if something was started in 1980, it can still be finished 20 years later a philosophy that accounts for both the conceptual and aesthetic unity of her work.

Men's rugby cannot shake Brown University in 23-23 tie

(10/03/12 2:00am)

After a weekend full of disciplinary hiccups, ball-handling mistakes and a spot of bad weather, Dartmouth was only able to secure a tie against a spirited Brown squad. Over the past few seasons, Dartmouth has enjoyed great success against Ivy League opposition, but the team was hurt by the graduation of stalwarts such as Will Lehmann '12, Derek Fish '12 and Nate Brakeley '12.

Schwartz: Consigning Pedophiles to Inferno

(10/03/12 2:00am)

In Dante's "Inferno," the great Roman poet Virgil guides the protagonist through the nine circles of hell. As Virgil leads the way past great-tailed, scabrous monsters and disfigured sinners, through torrential rain and fire and, ultimately, up to the incarnate of Satan himself, he elucidates the grand moral architecture of God's torture chamber. There is a strict logic informing the arrangement of the damned. Perpetrators of similar sins are grouped and tortured together at different levels, which are subsumed within a moral hierarchy spanning from inoffensive pagans who reside in castles and recline on rolling pastures to traitors like Judas, who reside between Satan's perpetually gnashing teeth. One of the driving forces in the epic poem is the concept of contrapasso: that each man be punished in a way that correlates directly to the quality and magnitude of his sin.

Beechert: The Nuance in Labor Disputes

(10/03/12 2:00am)

Labor disputes have stimulated debate about the respective roles of management and unions in the business world throughout American history. Unfortunately, many tend to view these two important entities in black and white, as either uniformly good or bad. As with most issues, however, there does exist significant nuance within the broader topic of employee-management relations, and it is important to examine each particular dispute with a healthy amount of discretion. Recent events have provided us with two excellent examples to examine: the widely publicized Chicago teachers' strike and the National Football League referee debacle. While both instances have the requisite "union vs. executives" theme in common, the cases were brought about by very different circumstances and thus differ greatly in merit.

Rowers from Class of 2013 win the Gardner Cup

(10/02/12 3:30pm)

On Saturday, September 29, alumni and current undergratuate rowers from the lightweight, heavyweight, and women's teams joined together to compete as boats based on class year. Members of the class of 2013 won this year's Gardner Cup. A Dartmouth tradition, the Gardner Cup was revived in 2008 in dedication to former heavyweight coach Peter Gardner.

Brooklyn-based Grizzly Bear releases fourth album ‘Shields'

(10/02/12 2:00am)

Grizzly Bear never had me at "hello." For the most part, they never have been or have really tried to be the type of band that grabs listeners with their indie hooks or folk-rock sing-alongs, and consequently I never gave them much of a shot. It took about a year of the band's catchy jams such as "Two Weeks" and "Knife" for me to really start listening to them. And when I did, their musical sophistication and low-fi, folky perfectionism had my full attention.

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