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Daily Debriefing

(11/06/12 4:00am)

Dartmouth College has the most attentive and seventh smartest student body in the country, according to a study conducted by Lumos Labs, a cognitive research laboratory. Lumosity, the company's cognitive training site, published a Nov. 1 study that analyzed the cognitive performance of more than 60,000 students at 403 universities nationwide. Data scientist Daniel Sternberg examined gameplay data focused on cognitive speed, attention, flexibility, memory and problem solving. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology finished first overall, while Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology was first in memory, Harvard University performed best at speed of processing and Yale University ranked highest in flexibility.

Campus pursues tech- based service projects

(11/06/12 4:00am)

A growing number of Dartmouth students and faculty members are pursuing initiatives that use technology to achieve social change, ranging from tracking the spread of malaria to assisting local homeless shelters. Technology is not a "silver bullet" for inspiring social change, but its role is important and growing, according to Max Seidman '12, a Tiltfactor Laboratory game designer.

Campus organizations work to increase student voting

(11/06/12 4:00am)

Campaigning efforts for the 2012 election have surged as student political groups organize last-minute efforts to boost student involvement in presidential, state and local elections. The College Democrats and College Republicans have been working to maximize voter turnout by reaching out to students and community members and will provide free transportation to the polls at Hanover High School throughout the day.

Film FSP students share music videos on Monday

(11/06/12 4:00am)

Last night, 12 students who attended the first film and media studies department Foreign Study Program in Edinburgh, Scotland over the summer showcased their culminating projects from their weeks abroad three extremely different but equally impressive student-made music videos in Loew Auditorium in the Black Family Visual Arts Center. The videos depicted a variety of scenes a red string following a hip-hop artist backward through his day of drinking and partying; the sun shining upon members of a brass band, happily dancing through parks and libraries while playing their instruments; and a lone man standing in a dark room, illuminating polaroid pictures of a lost love with a flashlight and wondering what happened.

Tennessee Williams addresses own struggles in short play

(11/06/12 4:00am)

The one-act play was written in 1970 during a dark period in Williams' life, in which his lover had died and his favor with critics had long since evaporated. Williams fell into a pattern of heavy substance abuse that would eventually lead to his death in 1983. "I Never Get Dressed Till After Dark on Sundays," published posthumously and performed for the first time in 2011, is undoubtedly one of Williams' minor works, but a number of factors made it an appealing choice for Rodriguez's directorial debut, he said.

Vox Clamantis

(11/06/12 4:00am)

Last week's comic by Yoo Jung Kim depicted the exciting career paths of students from Dartmouth's professional degree programs (DosiRock: Sounds of the City, Oct. 31). Tuck, Geisel and Thayer were all represented with about as much nuance as an old Hollywood film. And they had a tagalong a distinctly un-uniformed MALS student, who, apparently, had no idea what life had in store for him. It seemed the cartoonist was unable to come up with anything for his thought bubble, so I thought I'd offer a few suggestions.

Chalif: Upholding American Values

(11/06/12 4:00am)

At a Dartmouth Film Society meeting last week, we were asked to name classic American films. My first thoughts were of those famous, old masterpieces "Citizen Kane" and "Gone With the Wind." Then I thought of movies featuring a pure, historic American setting like the gritty, flat brush of Texan oil prairies in "There Will be Blood." People brought up such iconic, innovative movies as "The Graduate" and "Annie Hall." The difficulty that we had in generalizing a definition of classic American cinema stems from the complexity of the word "American" itself.

Women's soccer denied NCAA bid

(11/06/12 4:00am)

According to the NCAA Ratings Percentage Index rankings released yesterday, the Big Green ranked 37th in the country. RPI ranks teams based on win-loss records and strength of schedule. Several teams ranked behind Dartmouth in the RPI garnered at-large bids to the tournament, including Washington State University (42nd), Colorado College (46th) and California State University, Long Beach (40th). Dartmouth held its own at a national level this season, playing three ranked teams closely despite losing all three games. The Big Green lost to No. 9 University of Central Florida, 2-0, before falling to No. 21 Rutgers University, 2-1, and to No. 20 Pepperdine University, 1-0, in extra time.