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To Give or Not to Give: Is Gender the Question?

(11/19/10 4:00am)

Thirty-seven years before anonymous senior women left "The Red Book," a self-purported "Guide to Dartmouth," under my door, another far more sinister pamphlet was slipped into the rooms of every Dartmouth woman living in Woodward Hall, an all-female dormitory. According to an article in The Dartmouth, the letter called Woodward residents the "enemy" and called women the "sexual property of Dartmouth men." In contrast, my pamphlet was filled with advice and helpful hints for navigating my Dartmouth experience. It was meant to support, not terrify. Things have definitely changed around here.

Transitioning in Hope of a Better Place

(11/19/10 4:00am)

When Pam Misener, the acting director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership and the adviser to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, came to Dartmouth 10 years ago, most openly transgender students at the College chose to transfer. Now, increased resources and awareness have created an environment more welcoming to transgender and gender non-conforming students, she said.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

(11/19/10 4:00am)

I spent the first year of my college career thinking that Dartmouth was inherently a man's school. The relatively late coeducation, the prevalence of the fraternity system, the generally masculine feel of New England attribute it to what you want. When you're in a fraternity or in the alumni section of a football game, it can seem obvious. And because I assumed that everyone felt the same way that I did, I assumed everybody would be more inclined to send their son to Dartmouth than their daughter. I would want a man to go to a man's school.

Editor's Note

(11/19/10 4:00am)

Two years ago I wrote an article for The Mirror about dating at Dartmouth before co-education. Beside learning the obvious (girls were bused in!) I found a guide to men's colleges produced by students at Mount Holyoke. In contrast to the advice the pamphlet offered about other colleges in the Northeast (Wear pearls! Stay at respectable hotels!), the authors said this about the Dartmouth man: "He'll be lumberjack-ish; if you like you can be the same."Good advice. Even now. (Side-note: once I went to Halloween party at Columbia and thought it would be appropriate to dress as lumberjack. I happened to have a flannel shirt with me and no other costume. In my opinions it was a cute flannel shirt but I was the only girl there with an outfit without a slutty- prefix. Weird.)Gender relations are an eternally active source of debate on our campus. This is perhaps best evidenced by this past Wednesday when both the "Proud to be a Woman" dinner and Men of Dartmouth panel took place.This issue of The Mirror explores how our gender affects different aspects of our lives here in Hanover. There's so much to say on the topic that The Mirror is longer than usual. Dartmouth definitely does have an effect on our perceptions of gender. Our time can't help but influence every aspect of our lives. Yet, I believe that in spite of gender issues we're united by far more things than those that divide us. We all learn to dress for cold weather (see the lumberjack reference above), we speak in slang no one else can understand and we base our social system around a game that is just as popular as our jargon. When I've worked at reunions in the past I have always been struck by all the couples I encountered who met each other and started dating after Dartmouth. They may not have been in the same year or social scene here (maybe the gender divide prevented them from interacting?), but once they left, they were socially stunted in all the right ways to be perfect for one another. On that note this is my last issue as editor of The Mirror. I'm sad to go, but I'm excited to see what the '12s will do and you should be too. The Mirror will be back the first Friday of January.Also, let's hang out on Thursday nights from now on. Much love.

Daily Debriefing

(11/19/10 4:00am)

A Michigan State University study recently indicated that employers will hire 10 percent more bachelor's-degree graduates this academic year compared to last year, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported. This increase marks a contrast to last academic year's hiring, which had dropped 35 to 40 percent compared to the previous academic year. The improvement is not universal, however, as hiring rates for manufacturers, large banks, the federal government and professional-services companies are improving, but the hiring rates of smaller banks, state governments and colleges and universities are dropping, The Chronicle reported. Hiring rates also differ among academic majors. Students who studied business, technology or public relations have seen higher rates of employment, but students in the health sciences and social services were having a harder time finding a job.

Trustees' letter reflects alumni views

(11/19/10 4:00am)

Citing recent improvements in undergraduate education, the budget, freedom of speech on campus and attitudes toward the Greek system, trustees T.J. Rodgers '70 and Peter Robinson '79 wrote an open letter praising the efforts of College President Jim Yong Kim addressed to the readers of Dartblog, a blog maintained by Joe Malchow '08 that has previously been critical of College policies.

Women's tennis finishes season at Big Green Invitational

(11/19/10 4:00am)

The Big Green tennis team saw a successful finish to its fall season, going 6-5 in doubles and 11-9 in singles at the Big Green Invitational last weekend. The team played in four tournaments University of Virginia Fall Invitational, National Tennis Center Invitational, ITA Regionals and Big Green Invitational and will regroup before starting the core of its schedule in January.

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