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College files response to Zwyicki '88 brief

(10/08/09 2:00am)

The College defended its recent governance decisions in its response to a brief filed by former Dartmouth Trustee Todd Zywicki '88 in support of the ongoing lawsuit against the College. In its Sept. 30 brief, the College asserts that Zywicki's arguments do not address the main issues of the case, but warranted a response so that "silence is not construed as acquiescence."

BOOKED SOLID: The All-American A-hole

(10/08/09 2:00am)

A Duke Law School graduate, Max gained legions of fratastic fans by recounting his alcohol-addled fornication adventures on the web. Unabashedly misogynistic, utterly disrespectful and perfectly unreasonable, Max managed to do the unthinkable: he convinced young douchebags everywhere that it was OK to read. Thus, Max single-handedly achieved what the Bush administration never quite could with "No Child Left Behind:" He raised the country's literacy rate. (This assertion is not based on any intelligent deductive or research-based analysis.)

Dartmouth Discontinuity

(10/08/09 2:00am)

So much for institutional memory. Just three short months after Provost Barry Scherr announced he would remain in his current role through June 2011, he's jumping ship, in the latest high-profile departure from Parkhurst. Scherr's decision to step down marks an emphatic conclusion to the transition or rather the disintegration occurring at the highest level of Dartmouth's administration. From Jim Wright's planned exit, to Gail Zimmerman's firing, to Tom Crady's resignation and Rovana Popoff's departure, and now on to Scherr's bombshell, this has been a nightmarish year for anyone who values continuity and tradition at the College.

The Obama Effect

(10/08/09 2:00am)

When it was announced that College President Jim Yong Kim had been selected to be Dartmouth's next president, a stranger asked me in passing whether or not I agreed with the assertion that Kim seemed to call to mind President Barack Obama. At the time, I concurred with that stranger. After all, the two men had an uncanny number of similarities with respect to their backgrounds as minority "outsiders" from the Midwest.

Daily Debriefing

(10/07/09 2:00am)

Student Assembly passed two pieces of legislation in its first General Assembly meeting of the Fall term Tuesday evening, including a proposal allocating $2,000 for laptop vouchers to provide students who have broken their computers with temporary replacements. The second piece of legislation will fund Peer Academic Link, a program that provides contacts for students looking for advice in selecting a major. Student Body President Frances Vernon '10 also presented the Assembly's new mission statement, which describes the Assembly's goal to "implement policy changes and services" based on the opinions and concerns of the undergraduate student body. At the meeting, members elected Reba Gillis '12 as secretary, Samantha Gutierrez '11 as treasurer, Eric Tanner '11 as historian a new position created by Vernon and Elise Smith '13 as a member of the Membership and Internal Affairs Committee.

Gillibrand '88 to focus on fundraising

(10/07/09 2:00am)

With her most competitive opponent having dropped out of the race, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand '88, D-N.Y., seems well positioned for reelection heading into the November primary. Her campaign has focused primarily on fundraising and developing new techniques to meet more members of her constituency, Gillibrand spokesperson James Rahm said in an interview with The Dartmouth.