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The Right Reasons

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Last winter, I interviewed five of the nuns I had known throughout my years of Catholic schooling for a class project. When I asked one about the idea of female priests, she said, "It's a social issue and there is no argument I can understand which would convince me that women should not be priests. I believe that God's blessing would be fully upon such an ordination."

Live Substance-Free and Die

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Last week, the legislature of the "Live Free or Die" state failed to overturn a veto of a bill decriminalizing the medicinal use of marijuana for chronically and terminally ill patients ("Gov.'s veto of marijuana bill upheld," Nov. 3). HB 648 a bill proposing the permitted use of marijuana at a physician's discretion had passed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives 232-108 and in the State Senate 14-10, but was vetoed thereafter by Governor John Lynch, D-N.H.

Daily Debriefing

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Student Assembly is currently working to create an updated version of the student survey used before last year's budget cuts, Student Body President Frances Vernon '10 said at Tuesday night's Assembly meeting. The survey is intended to help the College as it seeks to outline budget cuts in the wake of this weekend's announced target for budget reduction. "We will hopefully be able to make recommendations as to what is essential to keep, what can be cut, and what should be restructured," Rebecca Hellerman, spokesperson for Student Assembly, told The Dartmouth. Hellerman said she believed College administrators were "receptive" to the results of last year's survey, citing the negative student body response to Lone Pine Tavern and its subsequent closing. Student Assembly will finish updating the survey within the next few weeks, Hellerman said.

Expert discusses defense strategy

(11/11/09 4:00am)

The success of military defense policies depends in part on good resource management, David Chu, former President George W. Bush's undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, said in a Tuesday lecture at the Rockefeller Center. In his lecture, "The Challenge of Managing Defense," Chu discussed the problems associated with developing effective defense strategies.

Prof. criticizes U.S. health care model

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Successful health care reform would be a major turning point in United States history, with repercussions similar to those of the Industrial Revolution, Harvard Business School professor Regina Herzlinger said in a lecture on Tuesday at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Herzlinger proposed increasing health care plans' transparency and abolishing employer-based insurance during her lecture, "Who Killed Health Care?"

Wright to speak at Vet. Day ceremony

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Former College President James Wright, himself a former Marine, has been chosen to speak at the annual Veterans' Day ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The ceremony is meant to honor and celebrate all men and women who have served in the armed forces, Lisa Gough, director of communications at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, told The Dartmouth.

Vernon works to realize platform

(11/11/09 4:00am)

Just three months into her first official term as Student Body President, Frances Vernon '10 has made progress toward checking off several of the major goals outlined in her campaign including large-scale changes to the Organization Adjudication Committee. Although Vernon has not yet addressed all of her campaign platforms both changes to Hanover's alcohol policy and COS reform, for example, remain largely unresolved she has sought to take action on at least three of the five main issues she raised as a candidate.

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