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In Violation of a Trustee's Duty

(11/26/07 4:52am)

On Oct. 27, 2007, Dartmouth Trustee Todd Zywicki '88 gave a speech at a conference sponsored by the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. The audience was composed of educators and donors to the sponsor of the forum. Zywicki was introduced as a trustee of Dartmouth College. Videos and transcripts of his speech are circulating widely and excerpts of some of his remarks have appeared on YouTube and elsewhere. The full text of Trustee Zywicki's remarks can also be found on IvyGate.

PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii fight for your parents' money

(11/26/07 4:40am)

As I was trapped on campus over turkey break with nothing to my name but a poorly equipped, post-crash computer, one can of candied bitterness and a severely out-of-date PlayStation 2 that whirs and spits dust every time a disk is inserted, I realized from what source my holiday cheer is derived. Apparently, my version of happiness is an outlet, lots of cash to spend and a noncommittal connection to others via screen. Clearly, I'm referring here to seventh-generation gaming consoles PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, three contraptions we jaded, pre-finals eggheads should investigate so as to momentarily forget about PowerPoints and PDFs.

'August Rush' weaves a story of music and nothingness

(11/26/07 4:35am)

If you ever have the unfortunate luck to find yourself in the same theater as "August Rush," here's my advice: Shut your eyes. This is a movie to be heard, not seen. A catastrophically wrongheaded film about an orphaned musical prodigy, "August Rush" is two hours of beautiful music stapled onto one of the dopiest movies I've ever seen. The soundtrack is transcendent. Everything else is dreck.

Daily Debriefing

(11/20/07 7:43am)

Biology professor Mary Lou Guerinot is co-leading a "biofortifying" research project aimed at increasing the nutritional value of rice. Along with David Salt, the principal investigator from Purdue University, and Shannon Pinnon, the co-principal investigator from Texas A&M University, Guerinot is looking to identify genes that help plants take up more nutrients from their growing environment. The project is funded by a four-year, $5.5-million grant from the National Science Foundation and will focus on varieties of rice that are high in iron and zinc. Results from the project could help scientists better understand plants' ability to store different elements.

Project collects stories about class

(11/20/07 7:43am)

Although Jamie Keith '09 could recall a variety of campus discussions focusing on issues of racism, sexism and gender identity, Keith, the Office of Pluralism and Leadership student intern, felt that one aspect of diversity on campus was not being explored fully: socioeconomic class. In an effort to address this failing, Keith and other members of the Dartmouth community, including representatives from OPAL, Student Assembly and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity joined together this Fall to create the Dartmouth Stories Project.

Phi Beta Kappa inducts 24 seniors early

(11/20/07 7:42am)

The 24 members of the Class of 2008 whose cumulative grade point averages were among the 20 highest in the grade were inducted into the Dartmouth chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society on Monday night in a ceremony held at the home of College President James Wright and Susan Wright. Phi Beta Kappa, the largest academic honor society in the country, recognizes college students for scholastic achievement.

Gov't, econ depts face uphill battle in hiring

(11/20/07 7:42am)

As the government and economics departments undertake their annual hiring process, Dartmouth faces a competitive job market, in which the College's location and undergraduate focus may deter potential applicants. As in previous years, it is unclear whether the current searches will result in as many hires as would be ideal for each department.

Prison Theater project produces an emotional show

(11/20/07 6:44am)

Perhaps you think of orange jumpsuits, or maybe you prefer the black-and-white striped variety. You may think of barbed-wire fences withholding menacing criminals from the world, or cold cells enclosed by metal bars. Whatever it is that comes to mind when you think of prison, though, last Thursday's performance of "Telling My Story" at the Southeast State Correctional Facility in Windsor, Vt., asked you to check it at the door.

Men's rugby clinches spot in April national tournament

(11/20/07 6:42am)

The Dartmouth rugby football club concluded its successful fall campaign with a second-place finish in the Northeast Final Four, clinching one of the two spots from the Northeast for the national tournament to be held in April. In the first game, the ruggers ran all over Brockport 46-7, but in the second game the team lost a tough, physical battle to rival Army 3-16.