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Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Schmidley)

(10/08/07 5:31am)

Though a baseball column technically makes sense right now, it would have been odd to write one in the middle of division series action. Instead, Hodes and I felt it was best to give an NFL quarterly report. The 2007 season has been characterized by the usual smattering of interesting stories, disappointing teams and breakout performances. Five truths I've gleaned from the action so far are presented below.

Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Hodes)

(10/08/07 5:30am)

With all the hooplah surrounding the MLB playoffs, Schmidley and I felt it appropriate to reveal five NFL truths from the first quarter of the season. Maybe it's just that talking baseball, as a Yankee fan, is too painful for me right now. Either way, this early NFL season has already produced a lot of surprises, both good and bad, some more unexpected than others. And in no apparent order, here are my five truths.

Soccer defeats Yale in 86th minute

(10/08/07 5:25am)

In a game that the Dartmouth women's soccer team (3-7, 1-1 Ivy) needed to get back into the race for the Ivy League crown, the Big Green got a late winner from Maggie Goldstein '10 in the 86th minute to defeat Yale 1-0. Both teams had their share of chances throughout the game, but it was the Big Green who came through in the clutch and broke Yale's six-game winning streak.

Cunningham premiere turns both silly and mesmerizing

(10/08/07 5:18am)

After about 45 minutes of watching dancers stretch their arms in unforgiving, solid-colored Rauschenberg encasements, their suddenly sleeveless bodysuits seemed scandalously new. This ability to magnify subtle change into shocking event is the magic of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (MCDC). With astonishing technical control and gorgeous angular grace, the dancers forge drama from the raising of a heel, the opening of a hip, the novel baring of a bicep.

sugarbush farm: a cheese lover's paradise

(10/05/07 7:31am)

"At the end of a Scenic Vermont road lies a cheese lover's paradise," the Boston Globe wrote about Sugarbush Farm in 1975. Looking over the pictures of piles of cheese on Sugarbush Farm's website, Lily Macartney '08 and I, self-proclaimed cheese enthusiasts, were intrigued. So on a pleasant fall afternoon with nothing better to do (except for our ever mounting pile of coursework), we threw our history books to the winds and set off for that scenic road and for the golden, creamy treasure promised at its end.

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