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Daily Debriefing

(12/04/07 1:34pm)

Mohammad Usman '10 was recently featured in the Boston Globe for currently being the only male enrolled at Wellesley College, an all female institution in Massachusetts. Usman applied to spend the semester at Wellesley with another male friend. His term away from Dartmouth is allowed as a result of an agreement among 11 universities, including Dartmouth, for student exchanges. Usman and his friend were both accepted for this fall, but only Usman decided to attend. There have been male exchange students in the past at Wellesley, but Usman is the first in years, making him well-known throughout the campus. "Being at an all women's institution has raised my awareness on the barriers gender sometimes places on women within an academic setting," Usman said in an e-mail to The Dartmouth. "Specifically, I have noticed -- relative to my Dartmouth courses -- that women at Wellesley exhibit a greater degree of freedom and feel more comfortable expressing their opinions within the classroom, in my opinion." Usman is living on campus and holds a Wellelsey school ID that he is frequently asked to produce in order to prove his enrollment and legitimacy on campus. He applied to Wellesley without the knowledge of his parents, the Globe reported.

Gifts from the sports Santa: indictments, bowls and flies

(12/04/07 6:17am)

I never thought I'd have to say goodbye to 2007 so soon. Oh wait, I wouldn't if Dartmouth kept to the same schedule as most schools, but that's another column for another year. On the bright side, we're certainly sending 2007 out with a bang. Yep, you guessed it, the festival of lights begins tonight, and what a gift I've already been given. This dumping of snow is just what I needed for finals period -- as if I wasn't going to have a hard enough time getting my work done. Still, while you're reading this waiting on another embarrassingly long Novack line, I'll be making some first tracks. And Professor Press, my apologies if I don't make it back in time for our 2A.

Farewell from the Editor

(12/04/07 6:16am)

It was more than three years ago that I was given my first sports beat, covering the field hockey team, by then-Sports Editor Jon Hampton '05. Growing up in New York City I had limited knowledge of (and interest in) ice hockey, let alone its grass-based sister-sport. Yet after making the trek from the Choates to Scully-Fahey Field one September afternoon in 2004, pen and notebook in hand, my career with The Dartmouth's sports section began.

A Comedian's Words of Wisdom

(12/04/07 6:11am)

This weekend I had the unfortunate experience of being kicked out of the library on a Saturday night. Naturally, the frigid walk home -- during which I was still hyped-up on "Rockstar" and the liberal arts -- was quite uncomfortable. The discomfort was only compounded by the two-daylong blitz bombardment by campus groups and offices, all of which snowballed into a colossal "don't" list in my mind:

'Rock Band' players head bang to top of awesomeness charts

(12/04/07 6:03am)

In case you were wondering, this delusional back story was brought to you courtesy of "Rock Band", the latest and unequivocally greatest installment in this generation's ongoing series of beat-based music video games. Developed by Harmonix Music Systems, the team that crafted "Guitar Heroes I", II and "Encore: Rocks the '80s", the much-hyped "Rock Band" is everything longtime fans of the "Guitar Hero" series could have hoped it would be, and still more. Presenting drums and the microphone as the lifelike new peripherals, "Rock Band" has summarily eclipsed "Guitar Hero" as the genre's gold standard -- understandable, considering the concept is basically "Guitar Hero" meets Percussion Hero meets Vocals Hero meets Bass Hero.

For One Night, Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

(12/04/07 5:56am)

I would sell my soul for Led Zeppelin tickets. Are you listening, Satan? Good, because this is not a drill. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, Led Zeppelin, probably the most iconic rock band in the history of the art form, is getting back together for a one-off benefit concert in honor of Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of their record company, Atlantic Records.