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Dartmouth Hearts NYC

(10/27/06 9:00am)

The Big Apple. The Empire City. The City That Never Sleeps. The Bearded Clam. New York by any other name is still the same rat-infested urinary-depository that many a Dartmouth grad comes to call home. I had the privilege of venturing into the depths of this renowned city last summer. It smelled a lot like urine and rats.

Original Sports Clichés

(10/26/06 9:00am)

The starting paragraph of my column has largely become a "what grinds my gears"-style rant. I've realized that I need to be more careful, however; right now, I'm failing at picking the fights I want (with the Mirror) and succeeding with those I don't (the Dartmouth football team). So, my insults this week will be directed towards the least offensive topic I can think of: your mother. Ha ha! I mean North Face fleeces.

Golf scores high at championships but still looks to improve in spring

(10/26/06 9:00am)

For the second straight week, Rhode Island won the tournament with a team score of 286-302-588, 15 shots better than the nearest competitor, Sacred Heart. Ben Spitz from Rhode Island took home the individual honors, as he shot 69-74-143, which was 1-under par. Spitz recorded the only score under par for the tournament.

Dartmouth, Inc.

(10/26/06 9:00am)

It is hard to avoid comparing private colleges and universities to well-oiled businesses. College Trustees govern as a board of directors would -- deciding on policy, appropriating funds, and growing the endowment. Schools across the nation have developed complicated marketing schemes to attract potential clien... uh, applicants. And many, if not most, pander to a ranking industry that claims to measure worth and places status on a pedestal. In an increasingly market-driven world, students, parents and administrators alike have bought into the idea that college is a business: We the students are the consumers and the product being sold to us is our education. Indeed, with ever-increasing tuition prices, it can seem like we are literally buying our college experience.

In Favor of Hodes

(10/26/06 9:00am)

On Nov. 7, New Hampshire voters will go to the polls to vote for their next legislators. While interesting contests exist in state senate districts, the most exciting race by far is in the 2nd Congressional District. The race is between two Dartmouth alumni, the Republican incumbent Charlie Bass '74 and the Democratic challenger Paul Hodes '72. Polls show that the two are in a statistical dead heat. Paul Hodes has run a strong campaign and as a result his race has been targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as one of the Democrats' best opportunities to pick up a seat in the House.

Daily Debriefing

(10/26/06 9:00am)

Dr. Samuel R.G. Finlayson from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical School published an editorial Wednesday to accompany a study that found that nonwhite, Medicaid-eligible and uninsured patients in California are more likely to undergo high-risk surgeries at less-experienced hospitals. In the editorial, Finlayson explored explanations for this trend, opining that "quality to a patient [means] a lot more than a lower surgical mortality rate, especially when the patient does not expect to die." Finlayson suggested that the ethnic and cultural makeup of a hospital's staff and a patient's familiarity with the hospital are often important factors. The researchers, from UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, the UCLA School of Public Health, the Rand. Corp. and the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, studied 719,608 Californian patients who had surgery between 2000-2004. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Decemberists find critical success with fourth album

(10/26/06 9:00am)

As I was compiling the CMJ Top 10 Albums for Monday's Arts section, I came to a sad realization: I am pained and embarrassed to admit that I had actually listened to only one of the 10. I blame a Studio Art class and the previously documented iPod Crisis of 2006, the one that left me without any music, for my sudden ignorant lameness.

'The Prestige' brings dark magic to the silver screen

(10/26/06 9:00am)

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale star as Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, two turn-of-the-century magicians whose friendship sours after a botched onstage illusion results in death. Angier blames Borden for the tragedy, sparking a game of one-upsmanship that borders on insanity. As their fame and talent grow, so does their obsessive battle to injure and outdo each other.