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Women's soccer falls to Yale, drops out of first place

(11/04/05 11:00am)

Dartmouth women's soccer fell to Yale (12-3-1, 4-1-1 Ivy) 2-1 on Wednesday in New Haven. The loss, only the fourth of a successful season, brought the team's record to 11-4-1 (4-2, Ivy) as they dropped out of first place, overtaken by the Bulldogs. With the end of the season only a game away, Dartmouth will need a victory over Cornell and a Yale loss to Brown to win the Ivy championship.

Big Green football set to take on Cornell in Ivy bout

(11/04/05 11:00am)

Pick a clich. With only three games remaining, it is do or die, make or break, now or never for Big Green football Saturday when Cornell rolls into town. Should Dartmouth falter, its record would tumble to 2-6, 1-4 in the Ivy League. A win, on the other hand, would place Dartmouth just one game under .500 in league play and sustain the hopes of green-bleeding fans everywhere for a respectable season.

Revisiting DDS

(11/04/05 11:00am)

In such turbulent times, I like having a source of consistency in my life. This is why I like the section of the Student Assembly website entitled "college committees." Here, you can see a list of SA's committees, apply to one and even view your archived applications, if there are any. Whenever I am feeling down about a government failing a country because of cronyism and shortsightedness, I can just check archived applications and see the single most consistent thing in my life :

Correcting Misconceptions

(11/04/05 11:00am)

As members of the Alumni Governance Task Force, we write to dispute the assertion of Dartmouth College Trustee T. J. Rodgers '70 that the Task Force might be working to weaken or emasculate the trustee petition process or to reduce the rights of Association of Alumni members. Phil Salinger reported on Mr. Rodgers' views in a recent news article in The Dartmouth ("Alums spar over proposed constitution," Oct. 28).

Verbum Ultimum

(11/04/05 11:00am)

Jamie Kennedy notwithstanding, this week in particular has seen many different and unique programs on campus, from Nobel Laureate Dr. Sidney Altman to economic advisor Allan Hubbard. Perhaps the most engaging lecture this week, however, was that given by Samuel Delany, a groundbreaking science fiction writer who was brought to campus by the Stonewell Fund. In a wide-ranging speech, Delany, who is openly gay, discussed both his own sexual exploits as well as the problem of AIDS within and outside of the gay community. His approach contrasted greatly with that of Dr. John Chittick '70, who spoke to a number of student organizations about his TeenAIDS-PeerCorps program, which uses grassroots methods to spread information about AIDS. While both men should be commended for making Dartmouth students think about an issue that is often ignored inside the "Hanover Bubble," their different views on the issue highlight some of the key problems inherent in the fight against AIDS and the dissemination of information about the virus.