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Supporting Free Speech When it Matters Most

(10/24/05 9:00am)

Dartmouth prides itself on its pluralistic and free environment. A part of this environment is a sharp focus on vibrant debate. This is the foundation of our liberal arts education " that ideas are forwarded in the crucible of rigorous examination, an essential component of which is considering the alternative and refuting it. Freedom of speech is the very basis of why we are undergraduates at the College; why then does this freedom come under fire so often in our community?

Reclaiming 'Religion'

(10/24/05 9:00am)

There has been recent talk in the New York Times and other liberal arenas about a Democratic resurgence in 2006. Will they win two seats, five seats, ten seats, lose seats? No one can say for sure. I say, let's not talk predictions but rather strategy. To this end, I wish to send out a call to any and all who consider themselves liberals or Democrats: stop running away from the term 'religion' and start reclaiming it.

Pledge Term Double Standards

(10/24/05 9:00am)

Now that the Recruitment Period for both men and women has come to a close, 'pledge term' has shifted into high gear. Along with it has come the buzz generated by new members around campus. I would like to state very clearly that although I am the Vice President of Administration of a sorority, the views presented here are solely my own, not those of my organization, although it was the number of sisters concerned with the double standard that I will discuss which inspired me to write.

Big Green men's hockey primed for start of new season

(10/21/05 9:00am)

One goal. That is all that separated the 15th-ranked Dartmouth hockey team from a berth in the NCAA tournament, at least if you ask the players. A 2-1 loss to Vermont in the third and decisive contest of the ECACHL playoff's second round was also the last game for the 2004-05 Big Green (20-13-2). Although Dartmouth finished amongst the nation's top 16 teams, it was not invited to join the 16 squads participating in the national tournament, as unranked Bemidji State and Mercyhurst claimed automatic bids for their respective conference titles. But as the ice solidifies in Thompson Arena in preparation for the October 29 opener, a new season dawns on a Dartmouth hockey team with untapped--and unproven--potential.

Football looks to end four-game skid against Columbia Lions

(10/21/05 9:00am)

At least they are not 0-7. That is just about all Dartmouth football fans can console themselves with as the Big Green (1-4, 0-2 Ivy) heads into a Homecoming weekend matchup with Columbia (2-3, 0-2 Ivy). Unlike last year's team, the 2005 Big Green has won a game prior to Homecoming. Nevertheless, they have also lost four straight and find themselves on the edge of disaster and, even worse, a repeat of last season's 1-9 debacle.

Football game just one part of loaded sports weekend

(10/21/05 9:00am)

It's Saturday of Homecoming and an average Dartmouth student, battling a stubborn hangover, might arise just in time to stumble to Memorial Field for the noon kickoff of the Homecoming football game. Not only will anyone who's anyone be there, but there's always a chance that a few dauntless '09s will try and become legends--at least in their own minds--by rushing the football field at halftime.

Homecoming: Lies! All Lies!

(10/21/05 9:00am)

Without doubt, Homecoming is a time to remember and cherish the traditions which have made Dartmouth great. Some people might go so far as to say that this is the essence of Homecoming -- they are almost right. Homecoming is indeed about remembering traditions -- even more than a time to remember, however, Homecoming is a time to misremember the traditions that made Imaginary Nostalgia College really really great.

Homecoming and Hanover

(10/21/05 9:00am)

I stopped by the Hanover Barbershop between my 10 and 12 last Friday for a quick trim and had an important revelation. Hanover has a barbershop. I had no idea. At least I thought I had no idea. I always had girls cut it in dorms last year. But there I was, right out of class and walking in this door like I'd been there a hundred times before. Weird.

Homecoming and Tradition: Advice for the Class of 2009

(10/21/05 9:00am)

I was scared. I gripped the rails and looked across the field. Officers scanned the stands menacingly. Upperclassmen yelled and chanted ceremonially, as if performing a magical ceremony to compel a demon -- or a freshman -- to rush the field. I was the freshman class president, and I felt some responsibility for ensuring that the old tradition of rushing the field during halftime of the homecoming football game continued. I anguished, trying to weigh the benefits of rallying my class against the costs of possible college punishments. Hesitation ended up making the decision for me: the team came back onto the field and my class became the first to break the tradition.

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