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Smear with Care

(11/13/03 11:00am)

Larry Flynt likes to portray himself as an activist. After all, in 1988 he won a landmark court case that affirmed First Amendment protection for pornography. During the Clinton impeachment, Flynt showed his commitment to public service by famously offering $1 million to anyone who could expose a Republican member of Congress as an adulterer. Just this year, Flynt's name was among the hundred-plus candidates vying for governor in the California recall. None of this, of course, changes the fact that Mr. Flynt's day job is as a pornographer. But he wants you to know that he's a pornographer who cares.

Students call Dean posters a hoax

(11/13/03 11:00am)

Yesterday morning, Dartmouth students awoke to find posters -- complete with Confederate flag backgrounds -- advertising today's lecture by Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean on bulletin boards across campus. The poster, which purported to be an ad created by the Dean campaign on campus, was a hoax and neither Generation Dean nor the Young Democrats was involved in its creation, according to Young Democrats President Paul Heintz '06.

What's BCS With No 'C'?

(11/12/03 11:00am)

As hockey and basketball start to warm up in their early season schedules, and the rumors abound in the baseball world, those of us with a hard dedication to sports know that what matters right now is football. Most of you assume I'm going to talk about the NFL, the undefeated Chiefs, the resilient Patriots and the coaching job of the mighty Tuna. But you are all wrong.

No Child Left Behind

(11/12/03 11:00am)

In Molly Ivins' scathing book on George W. Bush's Texas, "Shrub," there is a chapter that stands out from the rest. Amid the accounts of Bush's unsavory political connections and the train wreck of a criminal justice system he oversaw comes "The Bright Spot: Bush and Education." Indeed, education was supposedly one of the cornerstones of Bush's compassionate conservatism; the bi-partisan No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was hailed as a triumph. Unfortunately, the term "bright spot" is no longer applicable.

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