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Dean: Bush policy provokes division

(05/07/03 9:00am)

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean delivered a blistering assault on President George W. Bush in a speech yesterday at the Top of the Hop, calling him "the most conservative and economically destructive president in our lifetime." Dean also declared that his own unabashed party principles and straight-talking manner make him the only Democrat who can beat Bush in 2004.

All the Free Newspapers

(05/06/03 9:00am)

The admissions office is playing something new this year. Their fresh crop of high school seniors are walking around campus with big hopes, wide eyes and white envelopes with 2007 printed on them (the envelopes, that is). And even though our average SAT math score was only 715, the current seniors can subtract and know that they won't be around to lead this class away from the administration's glorious vision of a Dartmouth that resembles Princeton in every possible way.

Classical models inspire many Dartmouth architects

(05/06/03 9:00am)

Although cozy, snowy Hanover may seem the polar opposite of the sunny Greek isles and the thriving metropolis of ancient Rome, many Dartmouth buildings were inspired by these great civilizations. From the intimidating, powerful ambiance of Parkhurst Hall to Webster Hall's inspiring dome, little visions of Greece and Rome cover the campus.

Zoning proposals challenge College

(05/06/03 9:00am)

The College is gearing up to go head to head with a group of Hanover residents who have proposed amendments to town zoning laws. College Provost Barry Scherr said the amendments -- which will be voted on at the annual Hanover Town Meeting on May 13th -- will impede construction of the planned life sciences complex, but petitioning citizens argue that the amendments will help ease transitions from residential to College zones.

'Machinal' stands out in Bradley

(05/05/03 9:00am)

When most students see the second floor of Bradley, they see dust, outdated color tones and water damage on the ceiling. But when director Mariah May '04 and her technical team looked at it, they saw potential. They saw what those who were fortunate enough to attend a performance of "Machinal" this weekend saw -- the hallway transformed into a theater with lights and a minimalist set.

The Road Ahead ...

(05/05/03 9:00am)

Several days ago, George Bush made history by becoming the first President to land on an aircraft carrier in a fixed wing aircraft. After sitting in the co-pilot seat and flying, at one point, the S-3B Viking anti-submarine aircraft, the President landed on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln after its 10-month deployment in the Iraq conflict. He then delivered a speech to the sailors and Marines on board declaring that most of the major fighting in Iraq was over.

No Defense, No Excuse

(05/05/03 9:00am)

Kathleen Reeder '03 wrote in May 2 column "Sex, Lies and Feminism" that "the failed feminist movement is feeding [young women] grossly inflated statistics and half-truths one in four college women has not been raped." A very good friend of mine once defaced his statistics book such that it was entitled "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics." Whether or not the one-in-four statistic or Reeder's refuting statistic (I assume she has one, although it was not in her opinion piece) are good examples of any of those three subsets of numbers, I am not qualified to say. What I am qualified to say (and I will say it even if I truly am not qualified) is that regardless of the truth of this statistic, some of Reeder's assertions are certainly not buttressed by her denial of the frequency of rape on college campuses.